NYC Father Murdered Holding His 7-Year-Old Daughters Hand

July 8, 2020

By: Staff Report

NEW YORK, Ny, – Warning, the video below is graphic and will be disturbing to some viewers.

Anthony Robinson wanted to spend some time with his 7-year-old daughter before he left the fast pace and violent streets behind, his girlfriend, Stephanie Quinonez, 29, told the NY Daily News on Tuesday.

“We raised our two little girls together,” Quinonez said. “They’re best friends. They haven’t spoken yet. It’s hard. I know they’re going to cry. Anthony always called my daughter every day, because she has her own cell phone. She’s asking why he hasn’t called. I told her what happened but she still doesn’t understand. She asked, how am I supposed to talk to him, and I told her, you pray and he might hear you. And she’s like, but he can’t talk to me.”

Robinson, 28, is dead. A drive-by shooting in broad daylight, crossing a Bronx street, and holding his 7-year old daughter’s hand.

Robinson, who resided in Brooklyn, was murdered in one of 8 homicides throughout NYC during the Fourth of July weekend, according to the New York Post.

There were at least 49 shootings reported in total during the deadly holiday – which follows a more than 130 percent surge in crime in June, compared to June 2019.

The last memory that the 7-year old has of her father is captured on video and the girl’s reaction of immediate panic, terror, and running for safety, is also captured.

No suspect has been arrested and there is a reward for the killer of Mr. Robinson.

Warning, the video below is graphic and will be disturbing to some viewers.

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