No U-Turn Sign (Amazon)

Officials In California Take Down No ‘U-Turn’ Signs Because Of Alleged Homophobia

No U-Turn Sign (Amazon)
No U-Turn Sign (Amazon)

Things in California just keep getting weirder.

The Los Angeles City Council recently voted to remove “No U-turn” signs from streets in one community because they symbolize “homophobia,” according to the Daily Wire on Saturday.

The signs were reportedly installed in the Silver Lake area of the city in 1997 after local residents complained about gay men cruising gay bars in the area looking for ‘hookups.’ The community also reportedly installed “No cruising” signs in the area.

Those were taken down more than a decade ago.

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However, the “No U-turn” signs remained up until last week’s vote.

As the Los Angeles Times noted, the community that once sought to curtail open and flagrant displays of gay behavior now “serve(s) a thriving queer clientele.”

City Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez, one of two liberals who worked to take down the signs, explained why these icons of a “troubled” era had to go.

“For me, growing up in South Central Los Angeles, cruising had a very different meaning. It usually meant folks in their lowriders or their cars, a lot of hip-hop music, just going up down Crenshaw Boulevard. But here in Silver Lake, cruising, of course, meant something very different,” Soto-Martinez said.

“It meant an opportunity for the LGBT community to try to find human connection and intimacy and to be able to express themselves in a society at the time that was not very welcoming to the LGBT community. The last two no U-Turn signs remind us of that troubled past that we have here in this neighborhood.”

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Yet, as the Daily Wire pointed out, “Very few Americans were aware that such signs had any connection at all to the LGBTQ community — much less a discriminatory connection.”

Champion swimmer Riley Gaines, an outspoken critic of the radical LGBTQ agenda, said on X: “The best part of this is that literally *no one* would know ‘no u-turn’ signs have ever meant anything other than no u-turn. I’ve never seen a group that so desperately WANTS to be ‘oppressed’ or ‘marginalized.’”

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh added, “You truly cannot even parody these psychos anymore. Their descent into madness is too fast for the satirist to stay in front of.”

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