OHCO® M.8LE Luxury Massage Chair Nominated as “Best New Product” and “Best Exhibit” for the 2021 IAAPA Brass Ring Award

OHCO M.8 Limited Edition Luxury Massage Chair

Ken Okuyama, OHCO Designer

Ken Okuyama, OHCO Designer

OHCO M8 Collection

OHCO M8 Collection

Relax in Comfort Hosts OHCO® M.8LE Luxury Massage Chair as “Best New Product” Showcased during the November 2021 IAAPA Orlando, FL event.

The M.8 has the technology to transform your entire state of being. My proprietary Sens8 engine is designed to deliver intuitive and lifelike massage to mimic the hand movements of a massage therapist”

— Sensei Okabayashi

ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Founded in 1918, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) represents over 6,000 amusement-industry members in more than 100 countries. The IAAPA organizes many industry-related trade shows all around the world, with the annual IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida being the largest amusement parks and attractions trade show in the world.

Relax in Comfort, Orlando’s only Furniture For Life Gallery store, is honored to represent the OHCO M.8LE massage chair at the IAAPA show being held November 16-19, 2021 in Orlando. Relax In Comfort has also nominated the OHCO M.8LE for the Brass Ring Award as a Best New Product and the Best Exhibit.
Relax In Comfort, America’s oldest and most-awarded back care specialty store, was invited by OHCO to represent their M.8 and M.8LE massage chair models, which will be highlighted in the New Products category at the show in booth #3284.

The OHCO M.8LE massage chair is designed by Ken Okuyama, the most highly-regarded Japanese industrial designer of our time. Ken Okuyama worked for Pininfarina, designing and supervising projects such as the Enzo Ferrari and Ferrari P4/5. Ken Okuyama was commissioned by OHCO to design and craft the OHCO M.8LE, which incorporates several innovative utility and design patents, and it is the standard-bearer of the global massage chair industry.
The M.8LE model is the bespoke edition of the M.8 production model massage chair, and OHCO will build only 2,000 LE – LE is short for “Limited Edition” – versions of the M.8 in the world. Don DePaulis, President Relax In Comfort stated “For anyone wanting to own something truly special that’s destined to become collector’s item, this is it! It is THE massage chair built specifically for the most discerning massage chair consumer. It’s The World’s Best Massage Chair.®

DePaulis adds, “The OHCO M.8 is really the story of two artists: Ken Okuyama and Akira Okabayashi, a renowned Japanese massage sensei who oversaw the choreography and unmatched artistry and subtlety of the massage movements of the M.8.”
As Sensei Okabayashi explains “My goal is to direct the technology in a way that transforms your entire state of being. What I have tried to create is the most intuitive and lifelike massage possible from a massage chair. In order to do that, the engineers had to use advanced massage algorithms to mimic the hand movements of a real massage therapist.”

Learn more about Relax In Comfort at RelaxInComfort.com. Explore the OHCO M.8LE at RelaxInComfort.com/M8LE. Relax In Comfort is accepting preorders and M.8LE reservations in advance of the IAAPA opening day. Please note that limited production sometimes means limited availability which may result in extended delivery times.

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