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Ohio Reps Staffer Who Boasted About Having Taxpayers Pay His Student Loan Paid May Have Admitted To Voter Fraud

Cash Photo Source: TFP File Photo
Cash Photo Source: TFP File Photo

A spokesman for a left-wing Democratic congresswoman got pounded on social media after he bragged about President Joe Biden paying off his student loans. 

But it appears he may have opened the door to allegations of voter fraud in the process.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Thursday about the social media reaction to Ben Kamens, communications director for Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur.

Kamens’ dilemma began on Wednesday when he posted a photo of the letter he received from his lender.

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The letter opened, “Congratulations! The Biden-Harris Administration has forgiven your federal student loan(s) listed below with Nelnet in full.”

Kamens was informed that his two loans from 2010, totaling $8,250, had been wiped clean because of Biden’s student loan forgiveness policy, which deliberately flaunts a Supreme Court ruling that declared it illegal.

Kamens celebrated. He posted on X: “Just got a call to let me know my student debt has been canceled. This is why elections matter. Thanks @JoeBiden.”

X users took to Community Notes to bash his response. They noted that his loan was not “forgiven.” Instead, it was shifted to taxpayers to pay off, including many blue-collar workers who never went to college.

As the X user Sunny noted, “This s–tbag is a government staffer. He gets paychecks from taxpayers and has now forced taxpayers to pay off his debts too.”

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The conservative website Twitchy noted that Kamens’ response likely embarrassed his own boss, who had opposed the student loan bailout as a handout to the wealthy.

X users quickly noted that the letter Kamens received was sent to a $557,000 home in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Yet Kamens claimed residency in Washington, D.C.

According to Gateway Pundit, investigative reporter Sarah Fields noted on X that Kamens is registered as an active voter in Pennsylvania and that he has a criminal record there that includes a traffic violation and a disorderly conduct charge.

Conservative activist Scott Presler, renowned for having registered thousands of new Republican voters over the last few years, raised the issue of voter fraud.

“Why are you receiving mail to a home where you don’t live?” Presler asked in response to Kamens’ post. “It appears to be potential voter fraud. Where are you registered to vote?” He tagged Pennsylvania election officials in the reply.

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Later, Presler circulated a post by another user who pointed out that in 2022 Kamens claimed he had moved to DC in 2018.

Yet that user, Galt’s Gulch Woodsman, posted past tweets by Kamens that showed he voted in Pennsylvania in 2021 and 2022.

“Dude is cooked. Based on these tweets, he admittedly committed voter fraud in 2022. He claims he moved to DC four years ago as of Dec 2022. He also claims to have participated in mail-in voting in PA in 2022, having voted for Fetterman & others. Open & shut case. To the clink!” Galt’s Gulch Woodsman.

As Gateway Pundit reported, “According to, the official voter information portal for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, when you move to a different state, you are required to register to vote in that new state. You cannot continue to vote in Pennsylvania elections if you have moved out of the state permanently.”

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