Old World Maceration is the Secret to Tempt Gin’s New World Tropical Flavor and Drinkability

Tempt Gin can be used in virtually any cocktail. It’s fresh tropical flavor delivers a wonderful drinking experience.

Photo with Wayne Eldred in suit in restaurant.

Wayne Eldred, one of the founders of Tempt Gin.

Photo of a bowl of juniper berries and a cutting from a juniper bush.

The Tempt Gin maceration process infuses Juniper Berries and six other botanicals for an elegant and smooth taste.

Maceration of gin means that the botanicals that are used to flavor the gin are soaked in a neutral spirit for a set amount of time to reveal there essence.

At TEMPT Gin we laboured over all these variables to create a well-balanced silky-smooth compound macerated gin. We use only the best quality ingredients for our Gin.”

— Wayne Eldred

CORAL GABLES, FL, FL, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — So, what exactly is maceration? Essentially maceration is an extraction process. It is the process of breaking down and softening of fruits, plants, and other ingredients by soaking them in alcohol, water, oil or other liquids to extract out the aromatic, colour and flavour compounds. TEMPT Hand-Crafted Gin is a compound macerated Gin where all the botanicals (Juniper Berries, Coriander, Hibiscus, Elderflower, Lemon Balm, Black Pepper, and Angelica Root) are macerated in a neutral spirit. The neutral spirit goes through distillation prior to use, but that’s where distillation ends. Distilled gins, on the other hand, infuse or steep the botanicals through at least one distillation. However, redistillation is common. Where distillation captures only the volatile compounds from the botanical mix, maceration in alcohol captures all the volatile and non-volatile compounds.

TEMPT Gin is made the same way gin was made in the 17th century. The botanicals are soaked, at room temperature, in the neutral spirit for just the right amount of time to reveal their essence. Not only are the types and quantities of botanicals important, but key is the amount of time they are macerated. Soaking for too long results in over extraction, too short, results in not enough extraction. In addition, the quality and proof of the neutral spirit affect the botanicals differently. At TEMPT Gin we laboured over all these variables to create a well-balanced silky-smooth compound macerated gin. We use only the best quality ingredients for our Gin. Maceration allows the colour and natural sugars from the botanicals to release into the neutral spirit. Hence, the vibrant beautiful colour of TEMPT Gin. In fact, TEMPT Gin’s evolving colour and flavour are a consequence of the maceration effect on the botanicals as it takes time for the colours, aromas and flavours to marry. This is unlike distilled gins. Maceration adds a different dimension to the Gin.

Making a good compound macerated gin is tricky. Unlike distillation where parts of the distillate can be cut out, in maceration its either all good or all bad. Therefore, tremendous care must be taken to manipulate all the respective variables to get it just right. Many in the industry believe that it is not possible to have a well finished compound macerated gin. Not only is it possible, it exists as evidenced by TEMPT Hand-Crafted Gin.

Tempt Gin is hand-made in small batches and is offered at liquor stores, bars and restaurants currently throughout South Florida. For more details and to find a location where you can try Tempt Gin in a cocktail, or buy a bottle please visit www.temptgin.com. For inquiries for restaurant, bar and liquor store orders please reach out at: info@temptgin.com

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