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Once Mocked By Trump Critics, Space Force Picks Up Momentum

The Free Press readers may recall how we recently pointed out that President Joe Biden or members of his administration have quietly acknowledged that President Donald Trump was right on a few policies.

Add another one to the list. Space Force.

Trump was widely ridiculed and mocked by the left in 2019 for embracing the U.S. Space Force and making it the sixth branch of the military.

The Washington Examiner on Tuesday reported, “Space Force is suddenly the go-to armed service.”

Gen. Jay Raymond, the operations chief of Space Force, told the Examiner that he is nearly overwhelmed with requests for transfers from soldiers, sailors, and Marines seeking a slot in his outfit.

“We’ve handpicked about 6,400 people to join the Space Force, to transfer from the Air Force to the Space Force,” Raymond said.

“We are now in the process of onboarding those and transferring them and putting them on the books of the Space Force. We’ve had a significant response from the other services and, and I’ve had a significant number of applicants, in the thousands that want to transfer over.”

“That’s going well, I’m very pleased with where we are,” he added.

Space Force has about 4,840 “guardians.” Raymond wants to increase that to 6,400 soon. They are supported by another 10,000 Air Force and civilian personnel, the Examiner noted.

But Raymond wants another 21,000 “space-focused troops” spread across the other military services to come on board.

Right now, Space Force has dispersed its troops across six key bases, including Patrick Air Force Base in Florida.

The interest in joining Space Force only flouts what many thought was a joke when Trump announced it in December 2019. That even continued into the new administration, when early on White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki ridiculed Space Force when asked if Biden intended to scuttle the service.

Psaki later backtracked, noting the agency’s “important work.”

As Vikram Mittal, an engineering professor at West Point, once noted, “What might have been the punch line of many jokes is actually a much needed and relevant organization. The last century of warfare was decided primarily by air supremacy. The next century of warfare will likely be decided by space supremacy.”


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