The smart set, especially on the left, has suggested that the alleged “red wave”, due to roll in on Election Day, was blunted by liberal women insisting on keeping abortion widely available.

Op-Ed: Biden Has Mastered The Art Of Smoke And Mirrors

The smart set, especially on the left, has suggested that the alleged “red wave”, due to roll in on Election Day, was blunted by liberal women insisting on keeping abortion widely available.
Op-Ed By: Jenny Beth Martin, TFP File Photo

Revealed last week, President Joe Biden’s new immigration policy isn’t really a new policy, it’s merely a new way of talking about the old policy.

That is, if we acknowledge that by “old policy” we mean “allowing aliens with no legal right to enter the United States to do so anyway, and then, further, allowing them to move about the interior of the country, in violation of U.S. immigration law that requires them to be detained upon apprehension and held until their case is adjudicated.”

This “new” policy is worse than the old one because not only will it not staunch the flow of illegal aliens who enter our country, it will hide that flow. And by hiding it, it will allow that flow to continue — and the fact that the flow will continue, hidden, is likely to enlarge the flow even further. As more and more people realize the Biden administration is still doing nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigration, they will be incentivized to head north.

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Not only will this policy not reduce the flow of illegal immigration, it will likely increase that flow.

This “new” policy relies on a fiction, a misstatement of reality, a deliberate deception — in other words, a lie.

It is a scheme, a fraud, a con, a scam. In other words – nothing new from the Biden Administration.

So what is this “new” policy? Call it “predetermined parole.” The Biden administration seems to think the problem isn’t that hordes of illegal immigrants are crossing our borders, the problem is that we’re calling them “illegal immigrants.” If we could just find a new name for them, the problem would disappear.

One way of doing that, of course, would be to tell them ahead of their arrival at our borders that they have already been cleared for entry, by being “paroled” by U.S. border authorities. If we could find a way to give them a physical parole card before they arrive that they could then show to border authorities, who would then admit the travelers to the country because the travelers have been authorized, well, problem solved.

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Enter modern technology, and smart phone apps. Who needs a physical card, when the U.S. Government can develop an app you can download to your phone that allows you to apply for — and receive! — parole before you even arrive at the border?

In fiscal year 2022, according to official federal government statistics, 2,378,944 illegal aliens were “encountered” at the southwest border. “Encounter” is bureaucrat-speak for “arrest,” and includes those apprehended by the Border Patrol under Title 8, those deemed inadmissible under Title 8 and those expelled under Title 42.

To put the 2,378,944 in context, in fiscal year 2020 – the last year before Biden and his team assumed responsibility for the border – that number was 458,088, less than one-fifth of what it was for the most recent fiscal year.

Taking over responsibility for the border and doing such a bad job that more than five times as many illegal aliens cross into the country in just one of your first two years in office? That’s not a good record on which to base a run for reelection.

What to do? Well, Biden could actually follow the oath he took and faithfully execute the duties of his office, which include enforcing federal law — even immigration law.

But this is Biden, after all. He doesn’t want to enforce federal immigration law. That would require him to arrest and detain millions of illegal aliens crossing our borders, and that would upset the radical left-wing open-borders base of his party just as he’s gearing up to run for reelection.

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So instead, he’s decided simply to take unto himself a power neither the Constitution nor the Congress have authorized — to wit, he will abuse the “parole” power in advance of an alien’s arrival at our border to allow the alien to enter the country as if the alien had a visa.

No longer will it be proper to describe that person as an “illegal” alien, because the grant of parole makes that individual’s status in the U.S. legal.

Current law allows the president (and his agents in the executive branch) to grant parole on a case-by-case basis. It does not allow the president to grant (or his agents) to grant parole to whole classes of aliens, and it certainly does not allow him to grant parole to whole classes of aliens before they ever even arrive at our border and present their claims.

Yet that is precisely what he is doing.

Biden has already demonstrated his willingness to abuse the Constitution and usurp the powers of the Congress, and on the eviction moratorium and vaccine mandates, the Supreme Court has struck him down repeatedly. I’m betting this “new” immigration policy will be no different — struck down by the Supreme Court.

Jenny Beth Martin is Honorary Chairman of Tea Party Patriots Action.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Free Press.

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