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Op-Ed By Roger Stone: Anna Paulina Luna Is Bad News, And Here’s Why

The upcoming Florida congressional primaries feature a small number of important races where True America First Trump-supporting conservatives have an opportunity to win not only the nomination, but also the congressional seat. Florida's 13th district, which includes all of Pinellas County, including the locales of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Largo, Florida. 
Op-Ed By Roger Stone

The upcoming Florida congressional primaries feature a small number of important races where True America First Trump-supporting conservatives have an opportunity to win not only the nomination, but also the congressional seat. Florida’s 13th district, in Pinellas County, including the locales of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Largo, Florida. 

I don’t think anyone can question either my loyalty to President Donald Trump or my commitment to the true America First agenda. Contrary to the aggressive fake news narrative regarding my prosecution by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the government produced no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign at my trial: neither did they produce any evidence that I collaborated or recieved allegedly purloined materials from WikiLeaks. The purpose of my prosecution and assignment of my case to an epically biased judge was solely to pressure me to bear false witness against President Trump in order to fashion a “article of impeachment”. 

Despite my loyalty to President Trump, with whom I have been associated with for over 42 years and who I first urged to seek the presidency in 1988, I think the president has made an error in his endorsement of Anna Paulina Luna for Congress in Florida’s 13th congressional district. I must assume that the president is unaware of who Anna Paulina Luna really is and of her track record of both mental instability, abuse of the legal system to silence those who question the many fabrications about her past, and the shocking truth about who and what she really is. 

In short, Anna Paulina Luna is not a reliable conservative, is not a military combat veteran, is not Hispanic and as her past enthusiastic support of Barack Obama and his immigration policies demonstrate – she cannot be trusted to support the America First agenda if elected to congress.  

Luna (real name Mayerhofer), won the Republican primary by storm two years ago by promoting a provocative image of her in US Military fatigues, brandishing a military-grade assault weapon with what appears to be a military combat dog at her side. This image bore the legend “until you have spilled blood for this country, you cannot understand the fight for freedom”. In truth, Anna Paulina Luna (real name Mayerhofer), although she did serve in the United States Air Force, she was never deployed outside the country and she most definitely never saw combat. Under Florida State Law it is specifically illegal to raise money on the basis of a falsified military record. Luna (real name Mayerhofer), claim of “spilling blood” for the country certainly amounts to a false claim of combat duty. 

Sadly, Luna (real name Mayerhofer) actual military record is worse than that, because although she has consistently claimed, including on video, that she had served 5 years and 8 months. However, her DD214 (military discharge paperwork) states that she only served 4 years and 11 months and 3 days of a six-year contract. In fact, according to her military records, she was terminated for her “failure to perform”, and she did not contest her involuntary termination from the United States Air Force. 

Two years ago, Luna pretended to be a “America First Trump Republican” for purposes of the Republican primary, but immediately upon winning the nomination began to distance herself from President Trump, adopting the new slogan of “Independent Leadership.” In other words the instant her association with President Trump was no longer of value to her, Luna (real name Mayerhofer) abandoned the president. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that Luna (real name mayerhofer) will do the same thing if nominated by the voters only weeks from now. 

More problematic is the evidence that based on her strong and oft repeated support for the immigration policies of Barack Obama, Luna (real name Mayerhofer) cannot be counted on to support the strong measures necessary to seal our Southern Border and complete the border wall begun by President Donald Trump. There is no question that Luna (real name Mayerofer) supported Barack Obama in both campaigns for President, and that her rebirth as a “conservative” is both expedient and insincere. 

Sadly I must also raise the question of Luna (real name Mayerhofer) mental stability. When I encouraged another candidate to consider vying for the Republican nomination in the 13th district – a candidate who in the end elected not to run –  Luna (real name Mayerhofer) actually sought to have an op-ed I wrote for El American on the significance of Independence Day spiked, telling her editors that “Roger Stone had tried to poison her”. 

Additionally troubling is Luna’s (real name Mayerhofer) repeated abuse of the legal system, where she has on at least a half dozen occasions sought court-ordered restraining orders against anyone – including her own family – who dared question her reinvention of herself, including her false claim to Hispanic ancestry, military valor, or conservative principles. Despite her filing of motions for judicial restraining orders against her critics, Luna has generally avoided testifying under oath, while sometimes asserting her Fifth Amendment rights to avoid being questioned about her many lies and fabrications. 

Despite her threats of legal action against them, members of her own family including her cousin and Uncle, have had the courage to call her out about the fairytale she has woven regarding her past and who she really is. Her Uncle Edward Mayerhofer, who was the victim of a phony restraining order and court hearing based on Luna’s (real name Mayerhofer) fantastical claims that he was determined to harm her physically because he had simply called out her lies on social media. 

“Paranoid schizophrenia is common among the women in our family and I’m afraid Anna has failed to be diagnosed or properly treat the condition. She sees anyone who questions her as an enemy, followed by extreme paranoia and false claims. For this reason, and many others that are blatantly obvious, I do not believe she is mentally fit to hold elected office at any level,” Edward Mayerhofer told the Central Florida Post in May of 2022. 

Also in question is whether Anna Paulina Luna has the judgment to be a member of Congress. Several months ago, despite a strict and posted prohibition against bringing dogs to a public park, Luna’s unleashed canine savagely attacked a young boy who was playing football with his father, a traumatic event that could have been avoided if Luna (real last name Mayerhofer) had merely observed the rules and the law. The middle school boy was rushed to the nearest hospital and required dozens of stitches to close the wound. While evidently, the laws are for everybody else, they are not for Anna Paulina Luna (real last name Mayerhofer). 

Luna (real name Mayerhofer) is now being sued by the boy’s father. 

The last time I raised public questions about APL’s candidacy, I was met with a barrage of threats from her supporters. They should know that someone who didn’t fold under pressure from Robert Mueller and his thugs to fabricate tales about President Trump in order to ease the legal burden on myself, based on the weaponization of the Justice Department, is not going to stand down to threats from Luna’s (real name Mayerhofer) camp followers. 

Nor will the well-oiled attack machine that Luna employs to savage anyone who raises legitimate questions about her past or her candidacy be able to blame the expression of my views on any other candidate in the race; I have endorsed no one in the 13th district but feel strongly that any of the other candidates would be superior to APL. 

Given the obvious discrepancies between Luna’s claims regarding her identity, her past, and the abject failure of the local media to conduct the basic research that I utilized to write this article, one can only assume that they are waiting until after the Republican primary to expose Luna as the unstable, entitled, volatile fraud that she is, in order to enhance to chances of the Democrat nominee winning the seat in this swing district. 

That is a possibility that Republicans cannot afford. Republican voters would be wise to select a nominee other than Anna Paulina Luna, real last name Mayerhofer.

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