Op-Ed: Fight Or Flight – The Afghanistan Debacle

By: E. Blau

I began my education in a Catholic elementary school with grades 1 through 8. The teachers were women dressed in a certain way according to their order.

My formative learning years were five days per week and began with 40 minutes in church instilling Catholic religious virtues and in the first-class after church, as a class, we pledged allegiance to our American flag.


For years in my early learning process, I had no idea what my pledge really meant, or why. Eventually, as I got older and observed that we, the USA was fighting World War II, I began to sense the greatness of our nation. Accordingly, I developed a sense of “Nationhood,” and respect for our nation’s flag that I was taught from early on to revere, and maybe fight and die for. Our history taught me that.

None of that exists in many nations of the world. Fighting and slaughter is for the sake of religious beliefs, the family, or preservation of tribal territory…Nationhood does not exist where it’s not learned, and if worth knowing, is not passed on, usually as a lack of schooling.

Afghanistan is such a country where the only obedience is to the Mullahs and their teaching of Islam and where children 6 through 15 are only taught Islam and remain lifelong illiterate serfs. Such illiterate serfs willingly die for the sake of Allah, not the country they live in or even some rag flag they might carry into battle.


When I started high school, a Public School, I noticed right off that there was no pledge of allegiance to our American flag to start the learning day.

In the present day, the cancel culture Socialists want to ban the American flag, ban the pledge of allegiance, ban our national anthem, cancel our history, cancel our own gender identity and mentally maim our children beginning in preschool.

They do this to turn our USA citizens into an Afghanistan-like populace, where there is no sense of Nationhood that’s worth fighting for.

Our government over decades has allowed millions of immigrants into our country. The current influx of hundreds of thousands of illegal trespassers will further serve to dilute our sense of belonging and nationhood.

That illegals be given the same status as that of tax-paying citizens is a death knell for a homogeneous populace in our beloved USA.

The Socialists are obviously in control of the levers of power in our State and local government, including Federal law enforcement. It’s a result of past decades of Socialists teachings in public schools and universities.

We’re losing our Nationhood.

Wealth redistribution is on their agenda. You must be blind and deaf not to see the Socialist, cancel culture malignancy growing ever bigger, stronger.

Watch for it, Federal Police stations in every city intended to cancel local authority over policemen. Antifa and BLM are the militia extension of the Dem party, an ever-growing Dem militia/goon squad. Criminals are now being released from prison by the Dem regime. Hmmm, a Taliban-like act, and not uncommon for the cancel culture movement.

Once they consolidate power over law enforcement and the military branches, it’s over for sure. The millions of guns in the hands of our citizenry are no match against drones, smart bombs, and automatic weapons.

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