Let’s review some Delegates and a Resident Commissioner from U.S. possessions which are not States and are not part of the Union as well as the city of Washington D.C.

Op-Ed: How To Drain The Federal Swamp

In today’s world, as our population has been led to believe for over 100 years, the federal government is supposedly all-powerful and all-knowing in the minds of Americans. Why?

By: Phillip Davis

In today’s world, as our population has been led to believe for over 100 years, the federal government is supposedly all-powerful and all-knowing in the minds of Americans. Why?

The American population, as a whole, through national media and K-12 indoctrination made it so in the minds of millions of Americans. Only the most alert and schooled individual(s) knowledgeable in the U.S. Constitution realize that the federal government is not sovereign over the 50 States!

The federal government can only do what has been constitutionally written in limited actions as first approved by the States during 1787 and later as approved by the States by Constitutional Amendments where only the States can pass Amendments.

First of all, who formed and made a federal government to start with, the 13 Colonies which later became known as States ALLOWED the formation of a federal government.

I realize that millions of Americans today have absolutely no correct idea of our founding as the United States, all on purpose by the way thanks to K-12 indoctrination education in public schools where the Democratic Socialists are constantly trying to attract Socialists to become public educators in the classroom, as if they are not already in most public classrooms of K-12 coast to coast to start with.

Getting to the heart of the solution as I indicated by the title of this piece on how to drain the federal swamp and shrink it back to Constitutional levels – First of all a U.S. president cannot do it constitutionally alone, not without congress and congress can’t do it without a president signing off on it, it’s called separation of powers so that all power can’t be centered in only one branch of government on purpose.

By the way, there are 3 branches of the federal government – Judicial (Supreme Court), Legislative (Congress), and Executive (President) which are federal branches built in to keep a federal government in check and we know how that’s worked out today, if you have been paying attention.

To drain the federal swamp all that is needed is for the States to simply tell the federal government that they will not comply with unconstitutional mandates or laws from either Congress, a sitting President, or the federal workforce that write regulations with the force of law.

Each State Attorney General, Governor, and state legislature need only come together, cite and use the 10th Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. If enough States buck the unconstitutional mandates and unconstitutional laws from the federal level the federal government will shrink in power and thousands of federal unneeded employees will be let go to include many federal departments and agencies.

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

On a basic level what the 10th Amendment means is that the federal government can only do those duties that have been originally written during 1787 or by Constitutional Amendment that only the States can pass for the federal government to do or the States to do themselves.

All other powers and authorities not in federal hands fall to the States as long as the States do not ignore the written Constitutional powers for the federal government to do. However, if the States go along with the federal government acting unconstitutionally by violating the U.S. Constitution then the people themselves can say no to both entities, federal and state.

If enough States make a 10th Amendment Constitutional stand it will shrink the federal government back to its intended limited form. Save Billions of dollars going to federal coffers leaving that money where it belongs, in the pockets of the American people while trimming that federal turkey down to size.

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