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Op-Ed Letter: Did Savannah Guthrie Forget There Were Conservatives Watching the President’s Town Hall?

Letter by: Elizabeth A., Hillsborough County

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – Did Savannah Guthrie perhaps forget there were also conservatives watching the President’s town hall on Thursday evening? She came across as a totally unhinged, shrieking, liberal activist; not as a moderator. If anything, her behavior should have turned off all conservative and undecided voters and reinforced the view that liberals are out of their minds. She entered that town hall ready to fight; ready to take down President Trump at any cost. It was a national disgrace. Her anger was palpable and so very unbecoming.  She also appeared to be very uninformed – asked President Trump repeats of questions that have already been posed and answered. Does she live so much in that NYC bubble that she has no clue about the rest of the world? Shame on her! Shame on NBC! Her shrieking radicalism was such a bad, sad look for her as a professional woman and for her producers at NBC. 

Our President cannot win in these partisan arenas. Where, in our biased media, can he go to get anything resembling a fair shot? All of these fiscally uneducated liberal activists are going to get Biden elected just because of their hatred for Trump. If they hate Trump, they also hate America! If Biden wins this election our great country is gone, GONE! Liberalism has already taken to the streets of many of our formerly beautiful cities. Our country will be flat broke paying for democratic give-away policies and mistakes. We will be living with higher taxes, loss of jobs, vanishing corporations as they once again flee to tax-friendly countries, riots in the streets, dealing with the attitude that illegal immigrants are more important than American citizens, seeing our borders be wide open again, welcoming immigrants from afar even in the time of Covid-19, having our hard-earned tax dollars pay for sanctuary cities and healthcare for illegals, watching our great flag being burned, and the sad list goes on and on.  

What are these liberal activists trying to accomplish? How can they be so blinded by hate that they refuse to see why Trump is pro-American and Biden is not?  Do they not love America! If not, they should leave – let them all go someplace else to make a home. The Biden family has gotten rich over his pay-to-play schemes. Joe Biden does not care about this country. If he did, he would’ve made progress over his 47-year history in government. He has changed his mind so many times on policies no one even knows what he stands for. For decades, he was a racist now he’s woke. He was against fracking now he’s for it. He is weak, confused, and is only kept standing by the radicals in his party, his notecards because he can’t remember anything, and by the Trump-hating liberal activist media and useless commentators including Savannah Guthrie. She lost a lot of fans on Thursday night. May her career go into the tank along with her town hall performance. 

Trump is a national treasure; he is working like no other to save this country. A vote for Biden is voting to erase this great nation! Wake up Americans! Stand up against this blind hatred and partisanship in our media, social media, and newspapers. Trump has done more for this nation than any other President in modern times. His fiscal policies work. He has treatments and vaccines for Covid-19 right around the corner. He’s negotiated peace deals in the Middle East. He has prevented war with North Korea. He has abolished ISIS. He invested in our military and he is bringing our men and women home from foreign wars. He has fixed the VA. He has brought back American pride to anyone who pays attention. He has made NATO members pay their fair share. He has stood strong and firm in all the trade deals. He has secured our southern border. He has worked on prison reform. He has directly supported black and brown Americans through his opportunity zones and guaranteed funding for historically black colleges and universities. And, don’t forget, he’s had many other American-boosting bills in Congress that the democrats would not agree too – including Tim Scott’s police reform. President Trump has stood up for Americans and America every step of the way and he needs and deserves our votes.  

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