Who will protect america

Op-Ed Letter – Who Will Protect America?

by: Letter from reader, Beth M.

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – If Joe Biden wins this election, who will protect America? America is not just a place. America is an idea. 

America is under attack from within. The idea of her is being diminished, degraded, and destroyed from the left-wing media and this new, radical democratic party. Joe Biden cannot and will not protect America from this tragedy because he is frail, weak, and afraid of the activists who have been propping him up and funding his campaign. These radical democratic activists from Hollywood to Capitol Hill know Joe Biden is easy, they know he can be swayed, they know all he wants is power, and they know he doesn’t care about what is best for America.  

Do you realize that our freedoms as Americans, those freedoms clearly stated in our Bill of Rights, are being stripped away by Joe Biden’s democratic party?  These freedoms are what make up the idea of America; consider what these freedoms mean to you as an individual. Other countries do not have a Bill of Rights like ours; this is why hopeful immigrants scratch and claw their way to cross our borders. Our Bill of Rights was created in 1789 to protect us; to protect our natural rights as individuals and to limit the power of our government over us, the people.  

As a child, I had to memorize the ten Amendments to the United States Constitution. Did you have to memorize them as well? Do you remember them? What do they mean to you? It may be wise to re-learn them all. 

The first amendment ensures our freedom of speech, religion, press, peaceable assembly, and the right to petition our government with grievances. The protections this amendment provides are now almost a joke. The first amendment rights of conservatives are close to being gone. Conservative and moderate voices no longer have freedom of speech or freedom of press in America. The voices of conservatives along with their written words are now censored and silenced on a daily basis. Our thoughts are being hidden, buried, and scorned; that should scare all Americans. How about freedom of religion and peaceable assembly? Are all people of faith now only conservative people? Do democrats not care that American freedom of religion is under siege in many democratic-run cities and states where the overbearing lock downs continue into the seventh month?  

One of my op-eds wasn’t published because “they won’t publish pro-Trump views.” How about pro-American views? Since when did pro-Trump become congruent with pro-American? Yes, I am unashamedly pro-Trump and Trump is pro-American. Yet, because my op-ed voiced conservative, pro-American, views it was rejected as being pro-Trump.  Aren’t all Americans supposed to be pro-American? I guess not anymore because Joe Biden’s liberals rioting in our streets are full of hate for America and take great pleasure in burning our flag, the symbol of being pro-American. That’s the same flag my father fought for; the flag that draped his casket. The radical left is burning that flag all while the spoken and written words of conservative Americans, pro-Americans, can no longer be seen or heard on social media, in newspapers, or in a google search.  

The contrasts are actually striking. Netflix freely streams a movie that pedophilia’s love. National TV news is free to air whatever lies they choose, unchallenged by anyone. Yet, in recent days, big tech censored The New York Post, one of our nation’s oldest and largest newspapers; an online publisher censored me, a nobody white woman, for being “pro-Trump” while Amazon censored Shelby Steele, a black man trying to express his opinion through art. In every case, this censorship was committed in order to back Joe Biden and protect the most liberal among us. It’s not going to end. For any of you liberal democrats who may be reading this piece – what will become of you when you’re no longer liberal enough? This is a slippery slope you’re riding. Your vote for Biden, for a weak man who will not stand up for the idea of America, is sure to destroy this great nation. Biden will not protect this country and he will not protect you. If Biden wins this election, we will all find ourselves at the bottom of that very slippery slope and we will never be able to fight hard enough to win America back. Biden has already caved to the radical left and the radical left is only getting more and more radical as the years go by. Soon, today’s liberal democrats will no longer be radically liberal enough and then they, too, will be censored.  

Let’s consider our second amendment, The Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Joe Biden’s democratic party has already boldly told you they are coming for your guns. Joe Biden is too weak and helpless to protect America; yet, he is also going to make sure you are not able to protect yourself or your family. Is it only conservative republicans who own guns? I don’t think so. Don’t democrats also care about this freedom? If they do, why would they ever vote for Joe Biden?  Joe Biden’s administration will not care if you are a republican or a democrat. They will take your guns regardless of who you are. You won’t get to keep your gun just because you voted for Biden. Wake up Americans! Joe Biden’s democratic party is calling for the defunding and dismantlement of our hero police forces. With no police to call, and without your own guns, who will save your family from the Antifa and BLM mobs in your streets, from the drug dealers, looters, rapists, and thieves who will soon take over your communities as socialism takes root and crime runs rampant in a radically liberal, Joe Biden world? 

What about our tenth amendment, The Rights of States under the Constitution? What rights will states have when Joe Biden mandates a national Covid-19 lockdown and makes mask wearing a law? Don’t misunderstand, I support wearing masks by choice and I do so every time I’m out so as to protect myself and others; but, how will rural America feel when subjected to the same lockdown restrictions as a densely populated city? That’s what a nationally mandated lockdown means – the Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, will face the same rules and restrictions as the residents of New York City. What rights will states have when Joe Biden caves in to his radical left-wing and eliminates all fossil fuels, forces you to bear the cost of installing solar panels on your roof, takes away your gasoline powered car, forces doctors to perform abortions up to the moment of birth, takes your hard-earned tax dollars to give illegal immigrants free healthcare, permits you to eat meat only twice a week, makes medical care socialized, takes 90% of your income to pay those who won’t work, and tears down the walls that are protecting your borders from drug dealers and human traffickers? Joe Biden’s radical democratic party, through his promised national mandates, will take away the Rights of States under the Constitution just as they have already taken away the first amendment rights of conservatives and have promised to take away the second amendment rights of all Americans. 

Don’t you see that unless we reject Joe Biden and his radical democratic party whole heartedly, there will be no America? America is not just a place. America is an idea that all people are created equal under God and that these people have individual rights. Joe Biden, his radical democratic party, and their media outlets don’t see it that way.  In their opinion, conservative views do not matter. They disdain us because we hold fast to many traditional American values. They expect and demand that we listen to them, think like them, believe everything they say, and act like them in every way. I won’t do it.  I do not believe there are 12 different genders. I do not believe it’s okay to have an abortion up until the moment of birth. I do not believe it’s right for the left-wing media to reject and block my written and spoken thoughts. I do not believe it’s acceptable to riot, loot, and burn because you are angry. I do not believe that black lives matter more than brown lives, white lives, or any other lives. I do not believe it’s okay to burn our flag or erase our nation’s history. I do not believe it’s helping to replace patriotic education with curriculum that teaches I’m a racist because my skin is white. I do not believe it’s okay for Joe Biden to be proven a corrupt liar and still be on the Presidential ticket. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for all of this, and so much more, that just does not represent American values. I reject all of these radical ideas; under the first amendment I’m permitted to say so, at least for now until the left-wing mob comes to my door. 

Joe Biden will never stand up for American values because this new, radical democratic party owns him. It saddens me to write those words. I grew up as a proud Pennsylvania democrat. My parents were hard working, blue collar, fiscally conservative democrats. We flew an American flag in our front yard every day of my life. My father made sure he flew an “all weather” flag because it rained and snowed a lot in Pennsylvania and he had to protect that flag. My father also made sure there was a light shining on that flag all night, every night; when the bulb burned out one of us had to replace it before dusk. My father is gone now; he’s not here to make sure a light shines on that flag anymore. Who will stand up for my father’s values, for pro-American values? Who will protect America? I’ve been trying, but my voice, and others like mine, has often been laughed at and silenced. 

Joe Biden and his new radical, democratic party is diminishing us, taking away the freedoms given to all Americans, forcing us to confirm to their beliefs. They are destroying the idea of America and what it means to be American. Joe Biden will not ever protect America because he will never stand up to his own radical base. I don’t care if you hate President Trump. You can’t possibly love weak Joe Biden more than you love America. If you love America, if you are like me and trying to hold tight to American values, the only choice you have in this election is President Trump. 

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