Opinion- Murder Hornets? COVID-19? Grim Reaper at The Beach? Oh, and E.T. is Arriving?

May 3 2020

By: Under My Bed Hiding

As we are beginning our descent from fear of the Chinese coronavirus (COVID-19), and getting back to work, opening our beaches, parks, and retail, now news reports are mounting over a bee they call the Asian Murder Hornet.

Here’s what we know about the “Murder Hornet”-

  • The Asian giant hornet, known as the “murder hornet,” has officially been spotted in Washington state. (Back In December, but it’s a great narrative as COVID-19 fears dissipate)
  • The massive hornet can be devastating to honeybee populations. It also has an incredibly painful, toxic sting that can be harmful to humans. (All Bee Stings Hurt!)
  • Washington state officials say it’s unclear how the species arrived in North America and urge residents to report possible sightings of the invasive insect. (Wasp Spray works)
“Don’t Spray Me”

If you see one, spray it with HotShot or Raid. That’s my advice. But please folks, tell your friends and family, they don’t need to run out to the store and purchase all of the bug sprays like people did with paper towels and toilet paper for COVID-19.

In other news, there is also some lawyer, dressing up as the Grim Reaper, and going to Florida Beaches, instilling fear, but really it’s for his own publicity and gain. Don’t be afraid of this Reaper, it’s only a lawyer in a bad suit. Hope you have a cooling fan under your garment reaper, its gonna be hot. Please enjoy the beach and maybe even smile at people.

I’m done being afraid, I need a haircut, and I only wish E.T. was arriving. Maybe he could make some sense of the ludicrous nature of the actions of so many. I can only imagine the chaos and panic of our population if and when this planet ever had visitors from another world, and the toilet paper supply completely diminished.

For now, can we please open hair salons and bars and let us, as adults, make decisions that are right for us and not mandated?


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