Opinion – Thank a Democrat. Trump Will Win Because Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

Opinion By: Chris Ingram

Dear “woke” people, snowflakes, progressives, liberals, socialists, mainstream media, and all Democrats in general not otherwise covered in this list:

As a Republican who is concerned about President Trump’s re-election chances, I want to say, “thank you.”

Thank you for rioting in our streets.

Thank you for spitting in the faces of our police.

Thank you for all of the woke mayors and city councils who are voting to defund the police.

Thank you for painting “Black lives matter” in front of Trump Tower in NYC.

Thank you for making demands that only apply favorably to one skin color, not all.

Thank you for being opposed to building walls, but then building a wall in Seattle at the “CHOP” zone.

Thank you for continuing to divide our country by always pointing out our differences, instead of unifying us based on our similarities.

Thank you demanding Ford Motor Co. stop supplying vehicles to police.

Thank you for new local policies that say police don’t have to go to calls involving drunks, druggies, mental whackos, and suicides – having social workers to go to those calls instead.

Thank you for being hypocrites.

Thank you for calling everyone who disagrees with you a racist.

Thank you for the media double-standard anytime a Democrat is accused of assaulting or sexually harassing a woman and looking the other way.

Thank you for your toppling statues of Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, Teddy Roosevelt, US Grant, and George Washington.

Thank you for creating the “Black national anthem.”

Thank you for stifling conservative opinions on social media.

Thank you for showing us “my body, my choice” applies when you rip a baby out of a woman’s body, but no choice exists when forcing people to wear a mask to keep from getting a disease with a less than 4 percent mortality rate.

Thank you for showing us your intent to cancel the history of our nation.

Thank you for releasing violent criminals to prevent the spread of China virus, but threatening to lock-up people who don’t wear a face mask.

Thank you for showing us that DNA and science lies and that there are more than two genders.

Thank you for allowing lawless protesters to take over our public streets without regard to spreading China virus while shutting down playgrounds our kids play on.

Thank you for turning the other way when protesters gathered en masse at the height of the lockdown while telling people of faith they cannot go to church or synagogue or mosque.

Thank you for showing how much you care about black lives but never mentioning all the black on black crime in cities such as Chicago and Baltimore.

Thank you for the 600% increase in violent crime in NYC this year under Mayor De Blasio.

Thank you for the woke transgender city councilperson in Oregon who wanted a face mask requirement – but wanted an exemption for black people to not have to wear a mask.

Thank you for demanding “white European Jesus” statues be removed.

Thank you for condemning Trump for speaking at Mt. Rushmore as being racist, but never suggesting any Democrat president who has ever spoken there as being as such.

Thank you for showing the mainstream news media really is fake and biased.

Thank you for Joe Biden. And Nancy Pelosi.

Thank you for all of these things Democrats, et al, because although we are not out rioting in the streets, we are paying attention to all of this snowflake woke liberal nonsense that is sending our country down the sewer. The silent majority is real, and your painting “Black lives matter” in front of Trump Tower which shows how childish, foolhardy, hypocritical, and weak your agenda for America is.

On Election Day in November, many of us who are occasionally bothered by things our president says or Tweets will vote for him because the Democrat party is nothing but a party of America haters; and liberalism is a mental disorder. For those of us who are so ignorant as to think there are only two genders, we will be voting for Trump. Until then, happy snowflaking!

Chris Ingram is a Tampa communications, political, and media consultant. Follow him on Twitter at @IrreverentView or send him an e-mail to chris@tampafp.com


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