Opinion-Trump: The Most Hated Man in America

April 22, 2020

By Sarah McCormick

Imagine waking up in the morning, starting your day with a cup of coffee and opening Twitter, only to find yourself in receipt of numerous hateful messages, blatantly shaming, arguing, slandering, ridiculing, mocking, and verbally flogging every fiber of your being. Imagine being the one man with the weight of an entire country on your shoulders, having to make crucial life or death decisions that affect an entire nation. Imagine having a large majority of those you swore to protect, and effectively do protect, hate you, and wish you nothing but harm. Welcome to the life of President Donald J. Trump.

Truth be told, it would be hard to envy him. I can appreciate that it must be the most stressful, difficult, and downright exhausting job in the world to be the President of a nation who, for reasons stemming around the fact that you have a good agenda for our country, is hated. Not only is he the most hated American President in history, but he has dealt with crisis after crisis, problem after problem – ones he for the majority inherited when he came into office. The same people who hate him with such passion, the same ones he protects every day, have spat in his face time and time again after he effectively finds solutions to said problems and obstacles.

President Donald J. Trump

When it comes to COVID-19, President Trump has done an incredible job of addressing the nation on a near-daily basis, keeping the American people up to speed on the newest and latest developments in both the medical spectrum and our economy, ensuring the people receive the assistance, medical equipment, and lifesaving medications they need. He has spearheaded treatments and therapies, saying the ‘Cure cannot be worse than the problem.’ Why? Because he cares about human lives.

He has ensured families are able to pay their bills by way of the Stimulus relief checks issued in batches over the past week. Businesses are able to survive and keep their employees due to his proposed SBA and PPP loan programs.

When these loans and grants were announced, it seemed as though there would be a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel for these businesses, although things did hit a snag. Due to there not being stringent enough protocols and screening in place for some of these businesses to receive bailouts, many larger corporations and businesses such as Harvard College and other large public corporations received loans which were made available specifically for small businesses, causing a major headache and further setbacks for the smaller companies which were promised assistance. Many of the smaller companies which applied were denied due to the fact that the funds had run out.

When President Trump was made fully aware of the situation, he rectified and remedied the situation nearly instantaneously, stating in yesterday’s press conference that these larger corporations, such as Harvard – who received nearly $9 million in PPP – stated they would be ‘giving it back’. This also goes for other large corporations who received funds when they had no place in doing so. Additionally, a new $484 Billion relief package for small businesses, hospitals, and more was finally approved yesterday, bringing the total bailout amount to well over $2 trillion.

Despite the fact that President Trump has increased aid, stopped people from coming into the country illegally both with the border wall and 27K Mexican Soldiers stationed on the Mexican side of the border, and his new immigration declaration banning all immigration for a period of 60 days – all to protect American lives and jobs – people are finding negative things to say about it all even still. They are calling him a racist, a bigot, and a couple of handfuls of every other name you can think of – all for the sake of controversy. Sounds similar to their sentiments about him closing the border to China when the virus initially spiraled out of control in Wuhan.

He closed it too soon, so said the mainstream media. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi was partying in Chinatown, instructing people to go out and join her and not to worry about the virus. Joe Biden called him a Xenophobe. Celebrities bashed him on social media, calling him a racist for closing the borders to a place that had a deadly virus outbreak.

Pelosi, Biden, and all of the Celebrity attackers would later suffer from foot-in-mouth disease as a result of their ignorant comments. Then, MSM beat Trump over the head, along with Pelosi, Biden, Celebrities, and everyone else who told him he didn’t shut the border down quickly enough, and that all of the lives lost were his fault. So, their opinion sways from, ‘you closed it too soon’, to ‘you closed it too late’. Hypocrites.

Let me ask a legitimate question for all the Trump haters – and this includes you, MSM: What has Donald Trump done to make you hate him so incredibly? I am asking because I want an honest answer. I do not want to hear the reasons why you hate him because MSM and people tell you to, or because it’s what people in your race or nationality tell you to. I legitimately want to know valid reasons why you despise this man.

Do you hate him because he has made it more difficult for people to sit at home and collect benefits when they don’t work, or aren’t actively looking for work, thus forcing them to get jobs? Do you hate him because he’s forced the unemployment rate to drop dramatically? Do you hate him because he is stopping the human trafficking coming into this country, and stopping our children from being kidnapped and sold into the same? Do you hate him because he’s trying to fix a broken health insurance system, one Obama really botched to pieces during his administration?

Do you hate him because he made millions of Americans proud to be citizens of this country once again?

Maybe you hate him because he doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage to the same level as those who have worked their tails off. Maybe you hate him because he doesn’t hand out freebies and expects people to actually work for what they want to have or obtain.

Maybe you hate him because he believes in taking care of our Veterans and Military and treats them with the respect they have always deserved.

Maybe you hate him because he is on a mission to expose the agenda behind so many people in power across America. The fact that he wants justice for those who have been wronged really must burn you.

Maybe you hate him because the media tells you to. Maybe you work for a media outlet and you hate it because you’ve been programmed to do so. By the way, do you people even hear yourselves? Whoever taught you to argue with the President of the United States?

The asinine questions you ask, the distasteful things you say to our President – it’s beyond morally wrong and distasteful. It’s gotten to the point where it’s bordering illegal. You need to stop.

You who hate him no doubt hate him because he has blocked funds to Planned Parenthood, the largest murderer of babies in our country, with over 3,000 babies heinously ripped from life and murdered every day. Did you know that Planned Parenthood targets women of color, and tells them their babies are safer being murdered through abortion than being born? It’s a very sad, but very true, fact. Maybe you hate him for his stance on it, but I stand and applaud him. Well done, sir. Every life matters. Every single one.

Rather than hate the man who has legitimately flipped this country around 360 degrees, maybe you could find real reasons to actually enjoy having him as your President. Maybe you could find a reason to break away from what you are being forced to believe as a sheep in the heard, and think for yourself.

You are being force fed lies every time you turn on CNN.

Trump is an outstanding leader, one who has the best interests of this country in mind. Whether you decide to take off the blinders that have been keeping you from seeing that truth is on you. It’s up to you to seek the truth.

Go to God, pray about it, and then open your eyes. This is so much bigger than you, or me. This is about liberty and justice – for all. America is finally starting to wake up – and things are looking brighter than ever. Look at the big picture. Our country is in a time of crisis, but with the help of our incredible President, we are and will rise again.


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3 Replies to “Opinion-Trump: The Most Hated Man in America”

  1. He is a terrible leader…and moreover …an egotistical silver spooned ass who has made his fortune off the sweat of others and his fathers money! He has good Christians hoodwinked into thinking he is the second coming and cares for their needs – if he is a Christian then I have a degree in astrophysics lol – he is playing a tv role, he didn’t even want the job – he wanted to shake up his “brand” and figured a stunt for president would make him some $$$ – wake up folks!

  2. Jesus this is such a kiss-ass article. Donald Tp is the worst president, even moreso than Nixon, and is responsible for one of the greatest cultural and societal schisms since the Civil War. Don’t you DARE tell me that he protects me and other people of minority status when all he does is role back protections for trans and LGBQ+ folks, stokes fear and hatred towards Muslims and Black people (the latter particularly after George Floyd’s death). He’s also a man who has openly admitted to groping women, a man who was impeached over collusion, a man who screwed up the coronavirus response and who made something as harmless as wearing a mask a partisan issue and, maybe worst of all, a man who refuses to concede an election he lost, touting conspiracy theories that have resulted in dozens of court cases that were thrown out. Yet all the while he’s dividing us even further. No. Donald Tp can go to hell as well as anyone who voted for him and supports this Hitler reincarnation-rip off.

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