Panthera Capital Holdings (PCH) Closes Deal to Acquire CCAJ Parent Company

Deal Between PCH and ERAA Could Result in Substantial Growth for Coastal Capital (CCAJ)

Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp. (OTCMKTS:CCAJ)

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2022 / — European Registered Agent Authority (which owns a controlling interest in Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp CCAJ) is pleased to announce that it has finalized a deal to be acquired by Panthera Capital Holdings. One of the key benefits of the deal is that it will provide Coastal Capital with the resources that it needs to acquire companies that meet its investment criteria. This will help to ensure the steady growth of this entity in terms of both revenue and market share.

In the months prior to completing this transaction, firms that were affiliated with Panthera had experienced a significant amount of growth, and it's expected that this deal will result in even greater returns for investors. The announcement comes just months after ERAA acquired its controlling interest in Coastal Capital.

Panthera Capital hopes that acquiring ERAA will make it easier to adapt to the challenges it will face in the upcoming years and decades. Panthera believes that these challenges include rising inflation in the United States, political instability in Europe and a pandemic that still lingers nearly two years after it first spread across the world. The pandemic has created a number of supply chain issues that have disrupted companies and has resulted in fundamental changes to attitudes about work.

Of course, the rise of digital currencies has also impacted how the world views the role of money and financial institutions. It will also likely have an impact on how trade is conducted throughout the 21st century and beyond.

Panthera Capital is known for its ingenuity when it comes to managing its portfolio, which allows the company to maximize its return on investment. Showing a willingness to be open-minded is important as technological advances and other changes may result in future opportunities that may not be apparent today. An ability to think beyond what may be considered conventional wisdom makes it easier to invest in companies while they still have the potential for outsized returns on shareholder capital.

With several offices located throughout the globe, Panthera Capital is uniquely positioned to make deals with companies that have an international presence. However, by acquiring the entity that has a controlling interest in Coastal Capital, Panthera can sharpen its focus on investment opportunities in the United States.

Panthera typically partners with firms in the real estate, luxury and financial sectors. Acquiring Coastal Capital will likely allow for greater diversification, which can be an effective way to minimize losses while maximizing return on investment.

It's worth noting that the companies that Panthera Capital partners with also benefit from their working relationship with the firm. In some cases, these businesses are seeking further investment or guidance so that they can go public at some point in the future.

Panthera Capital has offices in various countries including the United States, Canada and England.

Coastal Capital is also a holding company that acquires controlling stakes in other businesses. This is done to ensure that it can assist in the execution of the strategic plan for any entity that it chooses to partner with. As a general rule, Coastal Capital will engage in a business relationship with almost any entity that has potential for significant future growth. This is generally true regardless of where a target company is located or what industry it is in.


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