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Pasco County Florida 2020 General Election Results

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. – How did Pasco County vote in the 2020 election? With 389,317 registered voters in Pasco County, almost 78% voter turnout equated to 302,214 active voters in the 2020 election.

While the presidential race votes are still being counted in some states, President Trump took Florida early last night, and 60,576 votes in favor of Trump came from Pasco County.

The results are in and as follows:

ContestCandidate IssuePartyTotal Votes
President and Vice PresidentDonald J. TrumpREP179343
President and Vice PresidentJoseph R. BidenDEM118767
President and Vice PresidentJo JorgensenLPF2253
President and Vice PresidentRoque “Rocky” De La FuenteREF199
President and Vice PresidentGloria La RivaPSL169
President and Vice PresidentHowie HawkinsGRE466
President and Vice PresidentDon BlankenshipCPF141
President and Vice PresidentWRITE-INNON697
President and Vice PresidentOVER VOTESSTATS482
President and Vice PresidentUNDER VOTESSTATS697
Representative in Congress District 12Gus Michael BilirakisREP188680
Representative in Congress District 12Kimberly WalkerDEM108503
Representative in Congress District 12OVER VOTESSTATS34
Representative in Congress District 12UNDER VOTESSTATS5937
State Senator District 20Danny BurgessREP62524
State Senator District 20Kathy LewisDEM43067
State Senator District 20OVER VOTESSTATS10
State Senator District 20UNDER VOTESSTATS2580
State Representative District 36Amber MarianoREP51355
State Representative District 36Daniel EndoninoDEM29675
State Representative District 36OVER VOTESSTATS3
State Representative District 36UNDER VOTESSTATS2588
State Representative District 37Ardian ZikaREP71666
State Representative District 37Tammy GarciaDEM42392
State Representative District 37OVER VOTESSTATS11
State Representative District 37UNDER VOTESSTATS3997
State Representative District 38Randy MaggardREP57746
State Representative District 38Brian StaverDEM40613
State Representative District 38OVER VOTESSTATS6
State Representative District 38UNDER VOTESSTATS3102
Superintendent of SchoolsKurt S. BrowningREP187135
Superintendent of SchoolsCynthia ThompsonNPA102813
Superintendent of SchoolsOVER VOTESSTATS32
Superintendent of SchoolsUNDER VOTESSTATS13174
County Commissioner District 3Kathryn StarkeyREP179726
County Commissioner District 3Jessica StempienDEM113477
County Commissioner District 3OVER VOTESSTATS31
County Commissioner District 3UNDER VOTESSTATS9920
County Commissioner District 5Jack MarianoREP171780
County Commissioner District 5Brandi GeoitDEM100627
County Commissioner District 5Victor RodriguezNPA19585
County Commissioner District 5OVER VOTESSTATS37
County Commissioner District 5UNDER VOTESSTATS11125
Shall Justice Carlos G. Muniz be retained?YesNON187689
Shall Justice Carlos G. Muniz be retained?NoNON79972
Shall Justice Carlos G. Muniz be retained?OVER VOTESSTATS54
Shall Justice Carlos G. Muniz be retained?UNDER VOTESSTATS35439
Shall Judge Drew Atkinson be retained?YesNON190874
Shall Judge Drew Atkinson be retained?NoNON74305
Shall Judge Drew Atkinson be retained?OVER VOTESSTATS39
Shall Judge Drew Atkinson be retained?UNDER VOTESSTATS37936
Shall Judge Morris Silberman be retained?YesNON187666
Shall Judge Morris Silberman be retained?NoNON75992
Shall Judge Morris Silberman be retained?OVER VOTESSTATS46
Shall Judge Morris Silberman be retained?UNDER VOTESSTATS39450
Shall Judge Daniel H. Sleet be retained?YesNON189495
Shall Judge Daniel H. Sleet be retained?NoNON74019
Shall Judge Daniel H. Sleet be retained?OVER VOTESSTATS34
Shall Judge Daniel H. Sleet be retained?UNDER VOTESSTATS39606
Shall Judge Andrea Teves Smith be retained?YesNON199119
Shall Judge Andrea Teves Smith be retained?NoNON64107
Shall Judge Andrea Teves Smith be retained?OVER VOTESSTATS37
Shall Judge Andrea Teves Smith be retained?UNDER VOTESSTATS39891
Mosquito Control Commissioner Seat 1Randy EvansNON173325
Mosquito Control Commissioner Seat 1Seth WeightmanNON87274
Mosquito Control Commissioner Seat 1OVER VOTESSTATS57
Mosquito Control Commissioner Seat 1UNDER VOTESSTATS42498
Mosquito Control Commissioner Seat 3James BaileyNON79122
Mosquito Control Commissioner Seat 3Shanon R. HolmNON83042
Mosquito Control Commissioner Seat 3Gary W. “Buck” JoinerNON98083
Mosquito Control Commissioner Seat 3OVER VOTESSTATS71
Mosquito Control Commissioner Seat 3UNDER VOTESSTATS42836
No. 1 Constitutional AmendmentYesNON243981
No. 1 Constitutional AmendmentNoNON43524
No. 1 Constitutional AmendmentOVER VOTESSTATS81
No. 1 Constitutional AmendmentUNDER VOTESSTATS15568
No. 2 Constitutional AmendmentYesNON160477
No. 2 Constitutional AmendmentNoNON127187
No. 2 Constitutional AmendmentOVER VOTESSTATS93
No. 2 Constitutional AmendmentUNDER VOTESSTATS15397
No. 3 Constitutional AmendmentYesNON170965
No. 3 Constitutional AmendmentNoNON111216
No. 3 Constitutional AmendmentOVER VOTESSTATS71
No. 3 Constitutional AmendmentUNDER VOTESSTATS20902
No. 4 Constitutional AmendmentYesNON143953
No. 4 Constitutional AmendmentNoNON139644
No. 4 Constitutional AmendmentOVER VOTESSTATS94
No. 4 Constitutional AmendmentUNDER VOTESSTATS15647
No. 5 Constitutional AmendmentYesNON205517
No. 5 Constitutional AmendmentNoNON63201
No. 5 Constitutional AmendmentOVER VOTESSTATS83
No. 5 Constitutional AmendmentUNDER VOTESSTATS30537
No. 6 Constitutional AmendmentYesNON257975
No. 6 Constitutional AmendmentNoNON27653
No. 6 Constitutional AmendmentOVER VOTESSTATS92
No. 6 Constitutional AmendmentUNDER VOTESSTATS13618
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