Pasco, Navigate Project Permitting with New Online Tools by OpenCounter

June 11, 2020

By: Staff Report

PASCO COUNTY, FL  —-  Pasco County Development Services is empowering you to achieve your project goals with new online business development tools by OpenCounter designed to help you navigate permitting and zoning.  Three unique portals provide a customized guide to the County’s processes, while outlining required permits, fees and licenses – including development impact fees and building permits.

Simple questions presented in a first-time, friendly format will have new users navigating the ins and outs of permitting for complex projects like a pro.

OpenCounter Features:

  • Zoning Portal
    • Explore where different business types are permitted throughout Pasco.
  • Business Permitting Portal
    • Learn about the requirements to start a business in Pasco.
  • Residential Portal
    • Understand permits, fees and other residential construction project requirements.

This exciting, new online service aims to provide reliable, targeted feedback to our community, while streamlining processes and reducing wait times.  Learn more about OpenCounter at


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