Union Jobs Lost In the USA

Poll Shows GOP Gains Big Support Among The U.S. Working Class

For decades Joe Biden and other leading Democrats have pitched themselves as the politicians of the people you’d find Mike Rowe featuring on “Dirty Jobs.”

But a new NBC News poll punctures that image.

America’s blue-collar workers are turning toward the Republican Party as they see the Democrats for who they are: the party whose only union ties are to government bureaucrats and public school teachers, augmented by the support of woke celebrities, effete academics, and radical activists who denounce the country’s core beliefs and traditions.

NBC noted on Sunday, “The exit of Donald Trump has brought back a more normal rhythm to politics in Washington, but outside the Beltway, deeper forces are reshaping the partisan landscape.”

“Data from the NBC News poll shows that the composition of the two major parties is changing, and one massive shift is coming in employment: the kinds of jobs Democrats and Republicans hold. There are signs across racial and ethnic demographic groups that Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar Americans, and the change is happening quickly.”

“In the last decade, the percentage of blue-collar voters who call themselves Republicans has grown by 12 points,” NBC News continued. “At the same time, the number in that group identifying as Democrats has declined by 8 points. Among white-collar voters, the numbers have remained stable, with Democrats seeing a tiny increase (1 percent) and Republicans seeing a tiny drop (1 percent).”

The details are more interesting.

The GOP has gained 12 percentage points among white blue-collar workers, NBC found.

But among Hispanics in that group, support for Republicans has jumped 13 percentage points.

“For years, the assumption has been that the Democrats had an inside track to winning the Hispanic vote, but maybe that’s less true than had been believed, especially among blue-collar Hispanics,” NBC pointed out.

Well, we all know what they say about assuming.

Meanwhile, GOP backing among black blue-collar workers climbed 7 percentage points. The important point here is that it actually represents an increase of 140 percent over the past decade.

“To be clear, those numbers are still very small. But considering the struggles Republicans have had wooing Black voters, even a little positive movement is something for the party to welcome,” NBC observed. “Ultimately elections are all about margins, and losing a group by 7 points fewer than the last time could pay dividends in states where the vote is close.”

But the bigger point of the article came in its conclusion – a vital one considering how the GOP is allegedly in a civil war over shaping its future now that Trump is out of office.    

“Together these data points suggest that GOP has not only made substantial inroads with blue-collar voters but that the party is increasingly reliant on blue-collar voters as a key, if not the key, component of its coalition,” NBC’s report said.

“And one other point as the Republicans’ intra-party war grows deeper: Looking as (sic) these numbers, most of the GOP’s blue-collar growth took place during the presidency of Trump. If this is the path the Republicans choose going forward, it might mean tying the party even closer to him.”

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