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Poll: White Democrats And Hispanics Differ Wildly On Effects Of Illegal Immigration

When it comes to illegal immigration and the tsunami of people flooding the southern border, Hispanics sound a lot like Republicans.

When it comes to illegal immigration and the tsunami of people flooding the southern border, Hispanics sound a lot like Republicans.

National Review on Sunday reported on a new poll that showed Hispanic voters are more likely than white Democrats to see illegal immigration as a problem for the nation as a whole and for their communities in particular.

The survey, conducted by the right-leaning pollster WPA Intelligence, asked respondents three questions about the immigration debate:

  • Do you believe the border is secure?
  • Do you see the effect of this mass immigration as positive, negative, or neutral on your community?
  • Do you believe liberal states are doing their fair share to absorb and care for illegals?

Regarding the first question, according to National Review, just 34 percent of Hispanics said the southern border was “secure,” while 53 percent disagreed, a 21-point difference; among liberal white Democrats, that difference was plus-6 in favor of “secure.”

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As for the effect of mass immigration, 47 percent of Hispanic respondents characterized it as “negative,” compared to just 20 percent of white Democrats.

When asked about blue states carrying their share of the burden for illegal newcomers, white Democrats were overwhelmingly positive, with 53 percent saying liberal jurisdictions pull their weight while just 14 percent said no. With Hispanics, those numbers changed dramatically, as only 32 percent said yes, while 40 percent said no.

As National Review columnist Nate Hochman summarized WPA’s findings, “For decades, conventional wisdom in both parties held that the Latino voting bloc was monolithically pro-immigration and anti-border enforcement. But many Latino areas have moved right over the course of the past few years, even as the GOP has adopted a more hawkish stance on immigration — particularly in areas like South Texas, a heavily Latino region that is on the front lines of the border crisis, the Left’s staunch opposition to any kind of border enforcement has increasingly emerged as a political liability.”

The effect of the Democrats taking Hispanic voters for granted is shown not only in south Texas, but also in Florida, where, as The Free Press reported on Sunday, incumbent Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, an immigration hawk, is poised to win Miami-Dade County, which is 70 percent Latino. 

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