Mary Lou Masters

President Biden’s First Democratic 2024 Challenger Emerges

Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson officially announced her run for president in 2024, calling for the end to “corporate tyranny.”
by Mary Lou Masters, Marianne Williamson Launches Presidential Bid To Challenge President Joe Biden

Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson officially announced her run for president in 2024, calling for the end to “corporate tyranny.”

Williamson, the first Democrat to announce a presidential run – ahead of President Joe Biden, who is expected to run for reelection – spoke mainly about the economic injustices Americans face today in her announcement speech Saturday.

The author said that because so many things “plague” the U.S., a “collective effort” is required to fix the system.

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“It is our job to create a vision of justice and love that is so powerful that it will override the forces of hatred and injustice and fear,” said Williamson.

Some of the policies she mentioned were universal health care, child care, paid family or sick leave, tuition-free education, a guaranteed wage and a “21st Century Economic Bill of Rights.”

During her speech, she mentioned Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and how he recognized that the government works for the people. Williamson said now the government only works for the corporations, is a “sociopathic economic system,” a “system of legalized bribery,” and causes Americans to struggle with anxiety, despair and depression.

“We should be making an emergency level, just transition from a dirty economy to a clean economy,” said Williamson. “It’s our turn, let’s do this.” 

Williamson spoke about how “brave” the founders were in pushing back against tyranny and how important it is to see where America came from to understand where society is today. Every generation has fought against injustice – the civil rights movement, women’s suffrage movement and the labor movement – and it’s “our turn” to fight back now, she said.

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“Some people in this city just don’t even seem to care. Some people in this city, with some very brave exceptions, don’t even have the spine or the moral courage to fix it. Ladies and gentlemen, let me in there, I will,” said Williamson.

In 2020, Williamson ran for the Democratic nomination but dropped out in January due to lack of support and later endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont for president. She mentioned that she was happy former President Trump lost reelection in her announcement speech.

Williamson said we should stand for democracy on the foundations the Declaration of Independence instilled. She concluded her speech by asking for help, donations and volunteers.

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