President Joe Biden will make a visit to the University of Tampa on Thursday afternoon and is expected to discuss Social Security and Medicare.

President Joe Biden In Tampa Today Following State Of The Union Address

President Joe Biden will make a visit to the University of Tampa on Thursday afternoon and is expected to discuss Social Security and Medicare.
President Joe Biden, State Of The Union Address, Feb. 7, 2023

TAMPA, Fla. – President Joe Biden will make a visit to the University of Tampa on Thursday afternoon and is expected to discuss Social Security and Medicare.

Tampa is Biden’s second stop following his state of the union address on Tuesday, where he accused some republicans of wanting to cut social security and medicare.

The comment led to an uproar from Republicans and ‘not-so-favorable’ headlines the following day.

On Wednesday, The New York Post’s cover featured a photo of Biden yelling at lawmakers with the caption “Joe Lie-den.” “President tells so many fibs during the speech, we can’t keep count,” the paper added.

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For readers, the Post included a handy infographic to share the news. Here are some examples:

The “biggest lie of the night” was that Republicans wanted to end Medicare and Social Security. “No one has proposed this,” the Post noted.

It went on from there.

  • Biden: he “created” 12 million jobs. The Post: they were just rehires from jobs lost during the pandemic.
  • Biden: the pandemic and Putin caused runaway inflation for the whole globe. The Post: our government spending made it much worse in America.
  • Biden: the Inflation Reduction Act lowered utility bills. The Post: in New York alone, ConEdison announced gas bills will be up 20% this year.
  • Biden: oil companies invested “too little” of their profits to keep gas prices down. The Post: Biden canceled pipelines, refused to approve new drilling licenses, and made clear he wanted to drive Big Oil out of business.
  • Biden: Americans pay more for prescription drugs than anyone else. The Post: we also drive innovation in the pharmaceutical industry and get the newest medicines first.
  • Biden: no one making less than $400,000 will pay “one penny” more in taxes. The Post: his 87,000 new IRS agents will make sure they do, and the new “minimum” tax rates on corporations will be passed along to consumers.
  • Biden: billionaires should not pay lower tax rates than teachers or firefighters. The Post: the White House rigged the numbers that included unsold stock holdings as “income.” Those profits would be taxed as soon as they were sold.
  • Biden: he cut the federal deficit by $1.7 trillion, the biggest amount in history. The Post: the cut resulted from emergency COVID spending that is expiring. In just two years, Biden has added $4 trillion to the national debt.
  • Biden: schools closed during COVID are reopened. The Post: they were closed for longer than expected because Biden’s allies in the teachers’ unions demanded it.
  • Biden: cops are losing public trust because of cases like Tyre Nichols in Memphis. The Post: the Nichols case is bad, but the number of people killed by cops is “very small,” and almost all of them are armed and committing a crime when they meet their demise. More young black men die in gang violence, which Biden neglected to mention.
  • Biden: his new border plan cut illegal immigration from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela by 97%. The Post: that looked at one week of data, and Biden’s done nothing about the millions who have crossed on his watch.
  • Biden: America under him is in its “strongest position in decades” to compete with China or anyone else. The Post: “Except when a balloon sails over the whole United States.”

As the Post noted in its infographic, “This is just some — we lost count.”

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On Thursday, ahead of Biden’s visit to Tampa, the Republican Party of Florida said in a statement, “If anyone needed a reminder as to why counties like Hillsborough and Pinellas flipped for Governor DeSantis, they have one today with Biden’s visit to Tampa. Biden and Democrats consistently put special interests over educators and students, inflationary spending over the best interest of American families, and open borders over American security.”  

The National Republican Congressional Committee also chimed in, saying, “If the President believes Tampa is thriving, he ought to give credit to the Florida’s Republicans who are the real reason the state is a paradise for retirees,” said NRCC spokeswoman Delanie Bomar.

Biden is expected to arrive at Tampa International around noon Thursday, with his remarks scheduled for 1:30 p.m. at UT’s Plant Hall.

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