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President Trump Claims 2.7 Million Trump Votes Deleted, Clinton Foundation Tied to Dominion

In a tweet today, President Trump claims that 2.7 million votes, in his favor, were deleted (or switched) in favor of the Biden Camp, from the Dominion Voting System.

One of the most prevalent voter fraud claims to emerge in the days following the election, was a computer glitch in a software program from Dominion Voting Systems had mistakenly counted thousands of votes for President Trump as votes for President Biden.

Claims of Dominion Voting System and relationships with the Clinton Foundation are widespread. A simple Google search resulted in a known and long-term relationship with the voting system and the Clinton Foundation.

“Dominion Voting Systems categorically denies any claims about any vote switching or alleged software issues with our voting systems,” a company spokesperson said in a statement to The Denver Post. “Our systems continue to reliably and accurately count ballots, and state and local election authorities have publicly confirmed the integrity of the process.”

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One Reply to “President Trump Claims 2.7 Million Trump Votes Deleted, Clinton Foundation Tied to Dominion”

  1. Do not give up until every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is thrown out. Leave no polling hall un investigated until the truth comes out you are still my President Mr. TRUMP

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