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Pressure To Hit The Purchase Price: Most Useful Educational Resources For Appraisers

Suppose you are a beginner in the real estate appraisal industry who just finished your academic education, or you are just a student with an appraisal course. In that case, everything could seem very new to you.

The first thing you can think of is maybe going to your supervisory appraiser, but learning from others in the appraisal industry can also be a great idea. 

Even the biggest problem that they face is the appraiser pressure. The pressure is made from brokers, mortgage lenders, or real estate agents to the appraiser so he reaches a specific value in conjunction with the appraisal value of homes.

Therefore, we’ve made a list of incredible resources to help beginners, students, and experienced appraisers. And teach them how to deal efficiently with all the problems and pressure that their profession causes. The resources contain websites, forums, webinars, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Even appraisers with years of experience have trouble keeping up to date with the changes in the field that are constantly happening.

Although many students have a more challenging time dealing with the pressure and tons of homework assignments, they can always find help among classmates or even on the Internet. Nowadays, there are many services where real professionals can help solve a difficult task or help with research while the student is studying another subject.

If you are one of those students, whenever you’re ready to say: “Write my dissertation” in the online chat, you’ll get the help with every complex task and challenge appraisers face every day.

Webinar: The Market Value Doesn’t Support the Contract Price, Now What? 

This is a Pro-Series Webinar led by Alex Gilbert, a bank appraisal manager. He discusses the best practices when the available companies do not support the purchase price in the webinar. In the discussion, he includes some suggestions for reviewing your work before submitting it, a review of possible reasons, some tips for reconciling the difference. And, of course, a discussion about the reconsideration process and what you can expect from it. 

Real Estate Appraisal Professionals- A highly involved group on social media 

Real Estate Appraisal Professionals is a Facebook group. The admin is Joyce Jenkins Potts, an appraiser in Florida. She made the social media group for appraisers and other professionals in the real estate career field. Members of the group share daily experiences, challenges, and even questions they encounter while working as appraisers. They also share insight with the other group members to help each other out. 

The Appraiser Coach – Make your appraisal business better

Dustan Harris leads the Appraiser coach. He teaches appraisers how to run a successful appraisal business. Based on his sayings, he worked as an appraiser for over 60 hours a week and made only $75,000 annually based on his sayings. But since he transformed his business model, he works half of those hours a week but makes over $1,000,000 annually. 

His website contains blogs, coaching programs, and podcasts. So check the Appraiser Coach to find many ways to fine-tune your appraisal business. 

Blog Post: Advice for Working with Difficult Clients

An appraiser will have to come across a difficult client in their career. The assignment may require you to work with a hard-to-app appraise property or a client with an agenda that you can’t go along with. This blog post offers some helpful tips that can come in handy when working with demanding clients. 

Blog Post: 9 Ways to Handle Appraisal Pressure 

The biggest frustration for appraisers is realizing that USPAP doesn’t need to be followed by clients. The USPAP doesn’t prohibit the brokers from calling appraisers to make an appraisal based on a predetermined value. However, it prohibits appraisers from accepting the assignment. And this blog post will provide you with 9 ways to handle that pressure while still maintaining your ethical and unbiased reputation. 

Appraisal Institute – Industry updates from the most significant appraisal associations 

The Appraisal Institute is part of the biggest trade associations for appraisers on real estate. They offer many educational lessons, courses for continuing learning, advocate for the industry, etc. Also, they provide appraisers with programs for designation, such as MIA and SRA. And that ensures that the members will maintain their professionalism and will always be a step ahead with their appraisal knowledge. The Appraisal Institute also has a blog section, where they regularly update everything new in the industry.   

RealEstateCareerHQ.com – A blog for beginners to learn all about the appraiser career

This website contains many posts on real estate appraisers, such as posts on income figures of appraisers, reviews of professional designations, individual states’ licensing requirements, profitable appraisal niches, etc. So basically, it is a guide website where you can learn everything about the appraisal career. 

McKissock Learning is an appraisal school that will give you a pre-licensing or continuing education via online courses. They have an outstanding rating from many students and are known for the high-quality education they provide. They also have a blog where you can find updates for the appraiser’s industry and many posts about ideas and appraisal practice. 


This list of resources can be helpful even to appraisers that worked in the field for many years. It is essential to keep up to date with the constant changes that are happening in the appraiser’s field. Giving these resources a try will definitely make your appraiser business better.

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