Private Investigators Assist Claims Adjusters In Solving Insurance Fraud Investigations

Chris Cavallo Managing Partner CSI Secure Solutions

Workers Comp Claims Investigation

Workers Comp Claims Investigation

Research Investigations

Research Investigations

A claimant can de-fraud insurance companys by falsifying accidents, creating untrue property damage reports, phony medical reports and reporting fake injuries,

There are many ways a claimant can de-fraud an insurance company. Faking an accident, falsifying property reports, fake medical records and reporting phony injuries, ”

— Chris Cavallo

FT LAUDERDALE, FL, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2022 / — Claim adjusters need to keep their eyes fully open and try to stay clear of such fraudulent cases. However, their expertise sometimes may not specifically revolve around closely investigating the claimant to figure out whether they’re trying to de-fraud their company or not. This is where a private investigator comes into play. With the help of a seasoned insurance investigator, claim adjusters and insurance defense attorneys can significantly reduce the amount of work they have to do to detect a fraudulent claim. Furthermore, private investigators can also help claims adjusters to detect frauds they might not have have been able to prove on their own.

Extract Valuable Information

“Most claim adjusters have experience in extracting useful pieces of information during their interviews with fraud suspect. What may also be true is they may not be experts in all areas of fraud specific to the case they may be working on” according to Chris Cavallo Private Investigator and Managing Partner CSI Secure Solutions. Mr. Cavallo further states: “Detecting discrepancies in a fraudulent story require a very specific set of skills that some claim adjusters may or may not possess. A Private Investigator can help claim adjusters notice and derive the tiniest of details from the suspect’s story through comprehensive research and physical surveillance of the claimant’s daily activity”

Track Down Witnesses

Private investigators are very good at following up with the story and tracking down witnesses. If there’s someone who knows whether the claim is genuine or fraudulent, the Private Investigator will locate , interview, and can also take a recorded statement for the claim’s adjusters or attorneys.

Find Discrepancies in Documents

There are many indications hidden within the paperwork that may reveal a claim to be fraudulent. However, not everyone has the skillset to find those out and especially the ability to use such tradecraft methodology as OSINT which allows seasoned private investigators to dig down in to the “deep web” providing information not usually obtainable on the world wide web. Luckily, PI’s such as those that work for CSI Secure Solutions in fact have the special training needed to extract useful information from the claim’s adjusters or insurance defense attorney’s paperwork. CSI Secure Solutions private investigators can examine the case file documents to see if those are falsified. Furthermore, they can also detect if there are any hidden details in the docs that may indicate the claim to be fraudulent.

Provide Surveillance

Claim adjusters or attorneys are not experts at following suspects and studying their activities — but private investigators are trained to do exactly that. Chris Cavallo states” we have assembled a nationwide team of professional surveillance investigators who are licensed, insured and are trained to covertly follow the claimants and study their behaviors and activities to look for fraudulent activity especially when it comes to fake injury claims whether accident or workers compensation claims .Furthermore, the CSI investigators can also surveil witnesses to see if they have any personal contact with the claimant”.

Gather Legal Evidence

Finally, CSI investigators can go through all the important details of the case and find legal evidence to present in court. If the claim adjuster thinks the claimant is committing fraud, they most probably want to collect admissible evidence to present to the court — and CSI Secure Solutions private investigators can certainly help with that.

A Final Word

According to NCCI (the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s )data, (2018-2019)the costliest lost-time workers’ compensation claims by cause of injury result from motor-vehicle crashes, averaging $81,971 per workers’ compensation claim filed in 2018 and 2019. The only other causes with above-average costs were burns ($58,284), falls or slips ($47,681), and caught ($45,255).If you’re a claim adjuster or an insurance defense attorney representing an insurance carrier trying to uncover fraudulent claims then, getting in touch with CSI Secure Solutions and speaking to the owner of the company Chris Cavallo who is also a licensed, seasoned and highly professional Private Investigator with 40 + yrs. industry experience would be the best place to start.

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