Reaper Pepper Spray is Proud to be 100% Made in America

Reaper Pepper Spray is Made in the USA

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Explains triple action of Reaper Pepper + 10% OC + UV Dye

Reaper Pepper + 10% OC + UV Dye

Reaper Pepper Spray is proud to be an American company manufacturing an American product in America. 

Pepper Spray has all been the same for the last 40 years, until now. We're doing two things differently – we're using the world's hottest pepper extract, and Reaper Pepper Spray is made in the USA.”

— David Happe, Inventor

TAMPA, FL, USA, July 14, 2021 / — In times when it would be easier to capitulate than stand strong, we’re here to tell you that Reaper Pepper Spray is proud to be an American company manufacturing an American product in America. Every part of our product is “Made in America” including the reaper peppers that are grown here in America from which we draw the extract for our Reaper® pepper spray, to the plastic housings we use for our pepper spray emblazoned with “USA” on the side so you, our customers, never forget what we all stand for.

Why is “Made in America” important? When you buy Reaper Pepper Spray, not only are you supporting a great American company but you are supporting an entire supply chain of Americans. From the farmers that grow the reaper peppers, to the workers at the manufacturing facility that make the spray. From the American company that makes our USA pepper cans with their US employees, to the Fedex guys and gals that deliver those same cans to us. The UPS guys and gals that bring the products to our retailers like Amazon, and the delivery people that bring it to your doorstep. Every step benefits America. And we’re proud to be an American company.

There’s a reason why when you see protests in Cuba, they’re waving American flags. The flag still stands for freedom, and they can’t take that away. No matter how many people repeat the talking points of those who want to destroy our country, American exceptionalism is still what has people flooding our borders looking for a chance at a better life. Looking for freedom. Looking to be able to do what Reaper Pepper Spray has done, which is participate in capitalism in the greatest country in the world. This is still the land of opportunity, the land where immigrants arrived and created, and continue to arrive and create even today.

The cancel culture will probably savage us, but we will never stop being proud to be an American company, making American products for American customers and benefiting an American manufacturing industry full of American workers. Towards the end of the month, we’ll be standing for the national anthem as our American athletes represent our country and showcase the best of American exceptionalism to a worldwide audience. Little children from all over the world will have a chance to see these Americans compete and win, and they will dream about one day achieving greatness themselves in a country where you are free to chase your dreams. We’ll stand for the Star Spangled Banner, we’ll support American exceptionalism regardless of where you come from. Reaper Pepper Spray will be helping Americans to ensure that America remains safe, prosperous and free.

Please share this message. Encourage other companies to stand up for America. We’d love your support of our business, but moreso we’d love your support of our message. Remember that if do choose to buy Reaper Pepper Spray, every single can comes with “USA” emblazoned into the handle as a constant reminder of how great it is to live in the greatest country in the world.

Go America. O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Reaper Pepper Spray is available for shipment directly from us at, and it’s also available on Amazon and eBay.

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