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“Reckless” U.S. GOP Leaders Push Back on Lifting Iranian Sanctions

The Biden administration is making moves to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal and reverse the Trump administration’s foreign policy legacy, America first.

President Biden previously said the United States would not ease sanctions before Iran stopped enriching uranium beyond the limits of the dangerously flawed Iranian nuclear deal. 

But things have changed and Biden has moved to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal and signaled working more closely with Tehran.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, released a statement after the Biden Administration eased sanctions on the Iranian regime in an effort to restart nuclear talks.

“The Biden Administration’s posture toward Iran is nothing short of reckless,” Rubio said. 

“This is outrageous and dangerous. Biden just legalized Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping selling arms to Iran,” Rep Joe Wilson, R-S.C., said. “Why?”

Florida Congressman Greg Steube responded, “I agree Joe. Why is Biden lifting UN sanctions banning Putin from selling arms to Iran? Seems to warrant an investigation.”

“Not long after Iranian-backed forces attacked Americans in Iraq, President Biden is desperately trying to re-enter a failed deal and provide sanctions relief to the Iranian regime. The President must make clear that he understands that Khamenei cannot be trusted to honor international agreements, and that the United States will not play into the hands of the Iranians for the next four years,” said Rubio.

Biden is making it clear, the Trump administration foreign policy days are over.

On Friday, during a virtual address to the annual Munich Security Conference, Biden said, “I’m sending a clear message to the world, America is back, the transatlantic alliance is back and we’re not looking backward, we’re looking forward together.”


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