Rep. Kinzinger Says Not Letting Trump Ruin The Republican Party

Representative Adam Kinzinger, R-IL said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, that he had been a member of the Republican Party “far longer than” former President Donald Trump and declared that wasn’t going to “let him come in and hijack my party.”

When asked by commentator Chuck Todd, “How long do you fight to stay a member of a club or reform a club that doesn’t want you? I’m referring to the Republican Party.”

Kinzinger replied, ““Look, I’ve been a Republican far longer than Donald Trump has, and I’m not going to let him come in and hijack my party and turn it into something that great people like Ronald Reagan and George W. and George H.W. Bush and all the great leaders back didn’t want it to be. I’m not going to let Donald Trump win at that. That’s what the fight is about. I believe in what we used to believe in with 21st-century solutions, though.”

“I think a lot of it is just an overload of information for people. So instead of kind of working through that information, a lot of people have just chosen when venue, what people, what personalities they trust and put their faith in it, I think similar to Donald Trump,” said Kinzinger. “I think people have to take responsibility for their own ability to work through misinformation, to remember what the Constitution is about, to be okay with losing power for a little bit, and let that actually reaffirm that you have to go out and win a next generation of conservatives. Right now, again, we’re sitting here with Donald Trump throwing up all the smokescreen of four months ago. We want to move on. It’s hard to do when he keeps bringing it back to a stolen election which, of course, wasn’t true.”

Back in April, The Free Press readers will recall that Kinzinger compared the Republican and Democratic parties to a dysfunctional father and mother, 

“I used to say Dems were the mom party, and GOP was the dad party,” Kinzinger said. “If you get hurt or need comfort, go to mom. If you need some tough truth or protection go to dad.”

“It still works but now mom is trying to buy your love and dads been hitting the sauce,” he added.

Kinzinger, who was first elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010, has emerged as one of his party’s sharpest critics. He repeatedly lambasted former President Donald Trump over his false claims the 2020 election was rigged, and was one of 10 Republicans to vote to impeach him following the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

He has also has criticized members of his own caucus on multiple occasions, and was one of 11 Republicans in the House to vote to remove Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her two congressional committees over her past remarks.

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  1. I think Representative Adam Kinzinger, R-IL should pay more attention to ruining his own state, Sir fix your huge mess in Ill.! before putting your two cents in it.

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