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Rep. Matt Gaetz Applauds GOP Probe Into Abortion Politics And Impact On Space Command HQ

America’s space program, including landing men on the moon, would not have evolved as it did without the research done in a small part of north-central Alabama.
Rep. Matt Gaetz (Source: TFP File Photo)

America’s space program, including landing men on the moon, would not have evolved as it did without the research done in a small part of north-central Alabama.

Huntsville, the home of the Redstone Arsenal, became a foundational hub of the U.S. space program in pursuit of programs for both peaceful and military ends. For that reason, former President Donald Trump had designated Huntsville as the headquarters of the U.S. Space Command, which oversees the Space Force created by Trump.

Yet Republican lawmakers are looking into reports that the Biden administration may block the move of Space Command from liberal Colorado to conservative Alabama because of politics.

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NBC News reported last week that the White House is headed that way because of opposition to Alabama’s abortion law, passed last year. NBC noted the law is considered one of the “most restrictive” in the country.

“This is all about abortion politics,” one unnamed official told NBC News.

The White House denied that claim.

But President Joe Biden, despite being Catholic, has been a staunch advocate of abortion and has authorized the military to pay travel expenses of troops in red states who seek abortions in blue ones. 

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, an Alabama Republican, announced Friday that he had opened an investigation into the issue.

According to Yellowhammer News, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall recently met with Republicans and Democrats from Alabama about Space Command and changes in the plan for the agency’s headquarters.

Kendall shared with lawmakers that he had discovered “fundamental changes” made to SPACECOM’s requirements for its mission, headquarters, and related spending at its temporary facilities.

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SPACECOM is currently housed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That was designated as the original location until a permanent site could be chosen. Patrick Air Force Base in Florida was among the suggested finalists for the headquarters. Yet Huntsville ultimately prevailed after reviews by the Air Force, the Defense Department’s inspector general, and the Government Accountability Office.

Colorado finished fifth.

But recent reports indicate the temporary siting in Colorado may become permanent. Kendall told the Alabama lawmakers that he did not authorize the changes to SPACECOM’s plans and did not know of anyone else in the Defense Department who did, Yellowhammer News reported.

In a statement, Rogers applauded Kendall for launching a probe into the “sweeping unilateral changes” in the SPACECOM plan, and said the Armed Services Committee would join with its own investigation.

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, a member of the committee, was among the GOP lawmakers who believed Congress must demand answers from the Biden administration.

“Alabama was rightfully chosen to be the home of the U.S. Space Command (SPACECOM) Headquarters, but because the people of Alabama support protecting life and reject immoral left-wing policy, there are efforts underway to retaliate and halt construction of the installation,” Gaetz said in a tweet on Friday.

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“It is unacceptable for the Biden administration to make unilateral military decisions on the basis of state abortion policy. I completely support the investigation by House Armed Services Chairman @RepMikeRogersAL regarding the delays in the selection of a permanent base for the U.S. SPACECOM Headquarters, and I look forward to demanding answers from military leadership under oath.”

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