In New York City over the weekend, mobs of left-wing protesters shut down parts of the subway system to demand justice for Jordan Neely, the violent, mentally ill subway rider who died last week while being restrained by other passengers he had threatened.

Report: Accused Marine’s Legal Defense Fund Tops $2M In NYC Subway Manslaughter Case

The legal defense fund for the U.S. Marine accused of murdering a New York City man who threatened other subway passengers earlier this month has topped $2 million. 
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The legal defense fund for the U.S. Marine is charged in the death of a New York City man who threatened other subway passengers earlier this month, has topped $2 million. 

Penny’s GiveSendGo account had banked $2.4 million as of Tuesday, and it’s climbing.

Among those who donated was singer Kid Rock, who wrote along with his contribution that Penny was a “hero” while Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is “a POS.”

Rock donated $5,000. But others have given much more.

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Journalist Tim Pool quadrupled Rock’s donation with $20,000, while Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy kicked in $10,000.

Overall, nearly 47,000 people had chipped in to help Penny, who last week was charged by Bragg with second-degree manslaughter after the May 1 death of Jordan Neely.

Neely, a homeless black man with a history of mental illness and a record of more than 40 arrests, including several for violent crimes, died after Penny applied a chokehold as the men rode the subway together. Witnesses said Neely had threatened other passengers and was behaving in a menacing and unpredictable fashion.

Because Penny is white, leftists have sought to make the case about race.

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Penny’s lawyers maintain Neely’s death was an “awful tragedy,” one brought about by the city’s unwillingness to address the mental health crisis that leaves many New Yorkers prey to violent street vagrants like Neely.

On Monday, Steven Raiser, one of Penny’s lawyers, told The New York Post that the financial support he has received for his legal defense “has gone beyond the dollar amount raised.”

It also “has come to symbolize a statement of support for the right and duty to stand up for each other when faced with an imminent threat,” Raiser said.

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