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Report: DEI Is Going To The Dogs At The Nation’s Top Veterinary Schools

The left’s unending hunt for racists is going to the dogs — literally. William Jacobson and Kemberlee Kaye, the leaders of the watchdog website, which opposes the left-wing Critical Race Theory...
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The left’s unending hunt for racists is going to the dogs — literally. William Jacobson and Kemberlee Kaye, the leaders of the watchdog website, which opposes the left-wing Critical Race Theory, noted in a recent New York Post piece that top veterinary schools are instilling diversity, equity, and inclusion ideology into future animal doctors.

DEI, they wrote, “has spread like wildfire, scorching campuses, corporations, government agencies — every institution in society.”

They’ve documented more than 500 colleges and universities, elite K-12 prep schools, military-service academies and medical schools that have gone in deep for CRT and DEI.

And now that includes vets’ schools.

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“It seemed that nothing shocks us anymore when it comes to CRT and its offshoots,” they wrote. “But then we researched the top-ranked veterinary schools after receiving a tip on critical race theory’s spread into a particular school.”

The pair admitted they burrowed into the data only “half-seriously at first” because they were “not expecting much.

They wrote that they looked closer at the nation’s 11 most elite vet schools and were “thinking love of animals was the last pure bastion of American decency. Dogs are colorblind; surely veterinary medicine would be as well.”

But it is not so.

“Lamentably, DEI has penetrated deeply into the training of veterinarians who will take care of your pets,” they wrote.

As evidence, they cite the work of researchers who authored medical studies and papers as well as websites of the vet schools.

The University of Florida was in the group that analyzed for DEI devotion. It was the only Florida school on the list.

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Those who have allowed this DEI/CRT penetration into vet colleges are driven by claims such as the veterinary medicine industry “was exclusively for White people,” which makes “building anti-racism in animal welfare” necessary.

The American Veterinary Medical Association asserts that white pet owners reject “wanting a Black veterinarian treating their pet, ”while others claim that legislative attempts to stop killer pit bulls actually reflect “biases towards persons of color.”

Eliminating racial bias in such cases comes under the umbrella of “preparing veterinary hospitals for greatness through DEI initiatives.”

This DEI work includes “creating a brave space for DEI issues and discussions, implicit bias and microaggression training” and establishing “a permanent DEI position” that can help instill “DEI content in the professional program.”

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The authors note that eight of the top 11 schools now have CRT/DEI curriculum or training, and three of them make it mandatory. As for staff and faculty, eight of the 11 utilize some sort of mandatory faculty and staff training, while six make DEI a key part of their job search and hiring processes.

“DEI is rapidly taking over not just academia in general but even the training of Fido’s veterinarian,” Jacobson and Kaye wrote. “DEI in veterinary schools is a somewhat comical microcosm of the larger DEI problem. But the damage to society from the hyper-focus on race is no laughing matter.”

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