southern wesleyan university

Report: Southern Wesleyan University Steadfastly Refuses To Go Along With CRT In Higher Ed

southern wesleyan university
Southern Wesleyan University (Source: SWU)

A small Christian college in South Carolina is bucking the trend on Critical Race Theory — by saying no thank you.

According to The College Fix, a conservative website, Southern Wesleyan University President Bill Barker is not only refusing to hire any professor that believes in or promotes CRT, but he is also willing to axe them.

“I made it very clear where SWU stands on critical race theory, and we made it very clear in our hiring processes,” Barker told The Fix in an interview published Thursday. “Personnel is policy.”

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“We’re not hiring people – and I’ve been clear since I came here and the Board of Trustees has supported this – who endorse critical race theory. We will have the courage to let faculty or staff go if they are teaching critical race theory.”

Barker’s policy seemed to attract The Fix’s attention after he hired a professor, Nathan Street, who had dubbed the indoctrination of children by the education system as “Satan’s tactics.” That was part of the title of a book he wrote on the subject.

Barker hired Street after he was let go by a North Carolina school district, whose leaders had encountered his book.

Barker had led SWU since July 2022, and he says his vision for the school is to create a “biblically faithfully, financially affordable, vocationally effective, and academically rigorous institution.”

“One thing Barker said he will not support on campus is an uncritical promulgation of the argument by critical race theorists that racism is embedded into all the structures of American society, including its laws and institutions, creating an unjust and discriminatory society,” The Fix reported.

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“We want to teach what it is, we want to teach how it’s being used in society, why it’s being used in society, but we also want to teach a biblical and philosophical response and critique of it,” Barker told The Fix about CRT.

“We will hear from speakers who have different ideas and welcome students to engage in that discourse. But we will also guide students through that from a biblical and intellectually rigorous fashion.”

“The Bible speaks to us being reconciled with one another across races, across languages, across experiences through Jesus,” Barker added. “When we come together without reconciliation through Christ, we may be at odds.”

Street, in an interview with The Fix, described CRT as a “wedge” whose propose it is “to keep people divided.”

“If they can keep people divided and disabled because of fear of racism, then they can easily destroy what they will. ‘They’ are the liberal, leftist, wealthy elites who want to maintain control over the levers of power in the world,” Street said.

Barker added, “What we need to do is hunker down against critical race theory and live by example.”

In Florida, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and GOP lawmakers in the Legislature have enacted the Stop WOKE Act, which is intended to stop anti-white CRT programs from being used in schools and in the workplace.

Liberals sued, and the policy is the subject of an appeal in federal court. 

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