LEO Round Table

Resisting Suspect Gets A Dose Of K-9 Karma During Rough Arrest On Video, LEO Talk Show

LEO Round Table
LEO Round Table

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Warning: The video below contains scenes of violence and language. If you are in an app and the video isn’t displayed below, please click here on Cops and Crime to watch.

00:00 Intro
03:18 Lt. Col. Dave Grossman talks GrossmanONTruth.com
22:37 Majority of recruits allowed to retake psych exam
33:30 Cop fired for alleged off-duty racist and sexist comments
33:37 Chief resigns after mishandling sexual harassment claims
33:44 Investigation into chief having affair with officer’s wife leads to his resignation
38:49 Resisting suspect gets a dose of K-9 karma during rough arrest (Featured Image, Video)

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