General Washington was reluctant to attend the Constitutional Convention of 1787 because he felt he had done enough during the Revolutionary war and just wanted to farm his land,

Phillip Davis: Rising Sun For Freedom

Op-Ed by Phillip Davis

General Washington was reluctant to attend the Constitutional Convention of 1787 because he felt he had done enough during the Revolutionary war and just wanted to farm his land, be left alone and live out his life. But no doubt due to his selflessness he went anyway and once there was asked to preside over it as the president of the convention. Washington sat in one particular chair, the same chair you see in this writing.

As the convention progressed, Dr. Franklin while looking towards the president’s chair was confused as to whether he saw a rising sun or setting sun. He also observed that a few members there who were painters may have found it difficult to distinguish in the art whether it was a rising sun or a setting sun. Franklin noted, I have wondered often in the course of this session and the vicissitude of my hopes and fears as to its issue, looking behind the president’s chair without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now at length I have the happiness to know that it’s rising and not setting.

When all was said and done and our U.S. Constitution was signed, all convened their work and went their way. “A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Now our destiny was set for the people to control their own government through representation as a republic. However the worst fear the Constitutional Framers had was that we would become what they fought so hard and died for, a bloated and over-controlling centralized government sometime in the future. Well, today it is here and many Americans are doing their utmost to “see” the back of that “chair” George Washington once sat in so long ago. And once again see a new rising sun, because if we don’t “see it” the darkness of evil men will continue to blanket this land for all time; once freedom is lost it is lost forever.

We have strayed far from the day the Constitution was signed and agreed to by honorable men who had lived and died under the tyrannical government of England. They put forth a document that was to improve upon the Articles of Confederation by creating the United States Constitution, while creating a republic and a limited central government, separated into 3 parts; Executive, Legislative and Judicial while either one unable to hold all the power.

The central government was meant to be in a limited form and it is to protect the greatest amount of personal liberty of the individual, in order to maintain a civil society instead of chaos. Our nation is about Americanism and the word Nationalism has been plastered about by those who have no understanding or teachings to know any difference.

Nationalism is not the right term to use, it’s Americanism. Americanism which encompasses our republic and federalism as laid out in our U.S. Constitution while newcomers also assimilate as Americans, leaving behind their old country’s laws while at the same time maintaining their own individual personal cultural heritage. And some people call themselves a Nationalist today which is also wrong. The central government is meant to be in limited scope and form and not hold all the power over the States or the individual while being separated into 3 equal parts.

Remembering years back we know how the Executive branch under the last president of 8 long years produced a number of unconstitutional Executive Orders (EO), while the Bureaucracy the president headed also did things of an illegal nature. The federal courts to include the Supreme Court has also over stepped their constitutional authority, legislating from the bench. As for our congress they just floundered about and did nothing to stop the president, they just went along for the ride when they could have done something to stop the onslaught against the American people. Today our nation has slide even further down the track to an unrecognizable form to include many of our states.

The sun has most assuredly set upon our blessed nation because of what power hungry Socialists and Communist spewing politicians have done to our precious republic, for well over 100 years. It is long past due for truthful, always open, conservative, constitutionally minded patriotic Americans to primary out State as well as Federal Socialist and Communist politicians once and for all!

Can we as a people have the fortitude and courage to make our sun rise again in our nation as it did at the beginning of our republic?

Only time will etch this story as it will take years of hard work and a strong will within our nation to revive her back to life. All we need to do as Americans is to stand and restore those carefully crafted historically researched truths and principles that were written by brilliant educated men who gave us our U.S. Constitution, so very long ago.

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