U.S. Border Patrol agents from El Centro Sector rescued 11 migrants in the Jacumba Wilderness region in California.

RNC Co-Chairman: Voters Should Choose Borders On Election Day

Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Over the past two years, President Joe Biden and Democrats have eviscerated our borders, tried to grant mass asylum and lied to the American public about what’s really happening. Our country is headed for a crash. Now’s your chance to stop it.

Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Over the past two years, President Joe Biden and Democrats have eviscerated our borders, tried to grant mass asylum and lied to the American public about what’s really happening. Our country is headed for a crash. Now’s your chance to stop it.

More than 4.7 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since Biden took office, of which over 900,000 are gotaways who escaped past Border Patrol into the country — and that number is likely much higher. In just the last year, 98 people on the terror watchlist have been caught trying to come in.

Mexican cartels are making bank, raking in over $13 billion a year smuggling illegal immigrants into the U.S, 26 times what they made in 2018. Drugs are seeping into communities across the country like water through open hands, reaching schools and endangering our young. Who comes first: cartels or children?

Democrats in Congress have done nothing to stop this crisis. They’re too scared to own up to their failure and are more concerned with pleasing the far-left wing of their party than they are with keeping Americans safe. Sens. Raphael Warnock, Catherine Cortez Masto, Maggie Hassan, Mark Kelly and Patty Murray all caved.

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They voted against hiring 18,000 Border Patrol agents, against Title 42, and against the border wall. Current Wisconsin Senate Democrat candidate Mandela Barnes, who wants to abolish ICE, or Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman, who supports “sanctuary cities,” might be even worse.

Vote against them for their cowardice. Vote against them for their moral failure. Vote against them for their radicalism.

Biden issued more than 94 executive actions on immigration in his first 100 days, including halting border wall construction and ending Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. Did Americans vote for what’s unfolded? No. If they had, Biden and Democrats wouldn’t have to lie.

One day the surge to the border was “seasonal,” the next it’s Trump’s fault. One day it’s coming from Northern Triangle countries, now it’s immigrants “fleeing communism.” Every month, it’s “bury the borders numbers” so Americans won’t see them.

Last month Biden Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas blamed the border crisis on Republicans, saying “the political cry that the border is open is music to the smugglers’ ears, because they take that political rhetoric and they market it.”

For Americans, nothing about open borders is political. It’s recently come to light that the Biden administration pressured El Paso’s mayor not to declare a state of emergency. And last year, Mayorkas knew that border agents did not “whip” migrants but still went on camera, legitimized the lie and demonized them for doing their job.

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Now the border crisis has gotten so dire that Border Patrol employs a “suicidologist” to assist agents who are struggling.

At the end of the day Biden can’t run from the fact that he’s never been to the border yet spends 40% of his presidency on vacation. Vice President Kamala Harris also can’t back up her false promise to the American people that the border is “secure” when illegal immigrants claim at her very doorstep that “the border is open.” Simple as that. Thousands walk across the border every day.

Make no mistake: Democrats want to grant mass amnesty – House and Senate Democrats alike. They’re not interested in stopping the mass inflow, but in absorbing and transforming our country to fit their radical agenda. Just consider how during the pandemic, every single Senate Democrat voted for stimulus checks to go illegal immigrants as American families and businesses suffered.  Whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent, that should alarm everyone. Take the wheel from Democrats and stop the madness.

Choose borders for a simple reason: they make us the United States of America. If you want open borders, mass amnesty, terrorists, and drugs coming in, vote Democrat. If you want safety and security grounded in a country with sovereign and respected borders, vote Republican. And remember that Democrats have lied to you. Republicans won’t have to.

Vote on Nov. 8. Every vote and every conversation matters. Let’s save our republic together!

Tommy Hicks is the co-chairman of the Republican National Committee.

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