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Roofing Scams And Ways To Avoid Them

Many homeowners are being tricked into paying thousands of dollars for roof repairs. The best way to prevent you from becoming a victim of these shady businesses is to educate yourself on the most typical and top roofing scams. These schemes are like other scams and will not only cost you a fortune, but they could harm your health as well. 

Let us take closer to roofing scams, as well as the best ways to save yourself from them. If you choose to take risks in hiring a roofing company to repair your roof, you should ensure that you are aware of many types of scams out there. In this way, you can prevent them and protect yourself from headaches over disappointments of trying to figure out if they are legal. 


It is typical for contractors and roofers to impose an excessive price for repairs and other services; but, one way to prevent them is to look for a contractor who offers reasonable roofing solutions and pricing. Unluckily, there are more than a few roofing scams that many customers have become their victims. 

Overpricing can occur in different ways, such as not having enough materials to cover your current needs and making useless repairs after work has started on a roof. Luckily, having the ability to spot a contractor and roofer who overpriced is something many homeowners master. 

Here are a few common roofing scams to be on the watch. 

Commonly, a roofing company will recommend that you pay for costly repairs and roof leaks immediately rather than waiting for many months for them to finish and make the needed changes. Sadly, this scheme can often be an elegant scam. 

Working Without License

Another way that a roofing company or contractor can require you additional payment for needed repairs is by recommending an unlicensed roofer to do the work rather than hiring someone with knowledge and skills in the area. It is a scam. You must only hire a roofer who has experience performing jobs. Someone skillful in repairing your roof. 

Rather than using the word ‘experienced’ to explain their services, ask what education or training they have been before; and what types of services they can provide. Moreover, ensure to verify their license by asking for a copy. You want to see whether the roofer or the contractor has received proper education and training in the areas or roof repairs and maintenance before doing any work for you. 

Low Introductory Prices

Often, a roofing company will recommend a roof repair when they see a problem that needs a bigger repair. While this situation is usually legal, it is essential to understand the repair may be more complex than what you initially think. It can be a scam and can sometimes lead to extra costs that you are not aware of. If you believe your roof requires a repair that is more intricate than the ones they told you, it may be time to look for a new roofing contractor. 

Solicitations After a Hurricane

In crowded areas, different roofing companies or contractors will often show up at your front door, offering free roofing services to repair roofs that are, in some situations, not destroyed. It is a red flag, and do not fall for it. 

While it is difficult to spot, you can reveal these scammers if they are not from your local community. Again, do not forget to ask for a verified license; so that you are sure you hired a fit roofer. 

How to Prevent These Roofing Scams

If the roofing company or contractor does not have a list of past clients, it is an excellent idea to contact another roofer before committing to booking them. You can ask other homeowners or neighbors for help. Sometimes they can refer you to a licensed contractor who can give the services that you need. 

When selecting a roofing contractor to work on your roof repair, pick one that offers excellent customer services, works ethically and professionally, and presents quality work at affordable prices. These simple tips can help you evade a scam. 

Choosing a roofing company is simple. Make sure you look for a roofing company that has a solid reputation and track record. Choose a roofing company that offers a guarantee on all of their works and strives hard to serve their clients. 

You can ask about the warranty period, too. A roofing company that offers lengthy warranties will commonly have more happy clients. If a company does not provide any warranties, it is an indication that they are a suspicious company. 

Being in the business for many years makes a roofing company more credible. If a company is new, you will want to hire another one. Do not put your roof at risk by hiring an inexperienced roofing company. With that, trust Rugged Roofing and Restoration with your roofing repairs and needs. Give us a call today! 


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