Ruskin Family Drive-In: Ruskin’s Wonderful Old-Fashioned Drive-In Movie Experience!

By: Christine Cassen

These days, movie tickets are expensive. With typical ticket prices around the $12-15 range, as well as popcorn coming in at around $10 or more, the price to go to a movie theater adds up really quickly! Additionally, the seats are uncomfortable, people are noisy, and there always seems to be popcorn on the floor! With Ruskin Family Drive-In, you essentially get your own private movie theater to yourself, as you don’t have to sit next to a stranger or worry about anyone disturbing you. You may also relive the classic 1950s drive-in experience instead of merely watching a movie on your laptop or phone. It is more than just something to do; Ruskin’s drive-in theater serves as a way to have an experience that you will remember forever.

Great Value!
Tickets at the Ruskin Drive-In Theater are only $6 (tickets are $1 for kids ages 5-8 and free for those who are younger). This is about half of the price of a normal movie ticket; it also grants you access to not one, but two movies! You will also be watching movies on a screen that is 2,000 square feet! The restrooms and parking lot are immaculate as well, so you can be sure that your experience will be a high-quality one without the high price tag associated with it. Snacks are also super affordable. The largest popcorn size is only $5, which is half the price of the large popcorn size at a typical movie theater! Ruskin’s Drive-In has been in operation for over 50 years, and they still have the traditional, perfected popcorn that they have been serving for decades. You may also purchase other cheap snacks that taste great, such as a burger for $3.25, chips for 75 cents, and hot dogs for only $2.25! This will allow you to maximize your experience for a low cost.

Great Experience!
Ruskin’s Family Drive-In just has something “special” to it. Going to a regular movie theater is a great experience, but there is something especially nostalgic about watching a movie at a drive-in theater. Ruskin’s theater also allows you to have the best experience possible, as they keep the environment family-friendly to ensure that everyone has a respectful and peaceful experience. The experience is also great because you aren’t “stuck.” In a typical movie theater, you spend a lot of money on one movie. However, you get double the movies for half the price, which means that you can easily justify coming late, leaving early, or skipping a movie altogether. It is truly a wonderful experience.

How to Maximize Your Experience
Bring blankets! You can recline your seats (it’s super great if you have a convertible car) and really get comfortable. Make sure that you take advantage of the snack bar. There are many delicious foods (candy, ice cream, and more) that you must check out. There’s even pizza! Make sure that you bring cash, as that is the only form of payment accepted for both tickets and concessions. Also keep in mind that a $5 fee will apply to anyone bringing in outside food or drinks. If you are going to be hungry, bring some cash.

It is smart to check out the website,, to see what movies are currently playing; this is updated weekly. It also helps to arrive early to ensure that you get the best spot possible and don’t have to wait in a long line. If you plan to have your windows down (especially during the summer months), make sure that you bring bug spray. Doing the above will allow you the best possible experience. Overall, drive-in theaters are a unique experience, and Ruskin’s Drive-In has been providing many with a high-quality, family-friendly movie experience for decades.


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