Satanic Temple Unveils New Display At Michigan State Capitol

Satanic Temple Unveils New Display At Michigan State Capitol

Satanic Temple Unveils New Display At Michigan State Capitol
The Satanic Temple (TST, X) By: Kate Anderson

The Satanic Temple (TST) unveiled a new display at the Michigan State Capitol Monday, just days after its statue in Iowa was torn down, according to a post on X.

TST’s display of Baphomet in the Iowa State Capitol building was destroyed after a Christian veteran beheaded the statue, claiming that he would not stand by as Christians continue to “submissively accept the legitimization of Satan.” TST unveiled a new display that can be found outside Michigan’s capitol building on the lawn, according to a post on X.

“TST members across Michigan united to create their State Capitol holiday display,” the post reads. “Lansing’s TST Candidate congregation crafted the goat with help from TST West Michigan and TST Detroit. Stop by the Capitol to view our Michigan congregations’ display!”

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The display includes two “yule goats,” an old Nordic pagan tradition, with one featuring the skull of a goat, much like TST’s logo, according to WILX News 10.

”Just the opportunity for us to all gather and be able to celebrate the year and celebrate our own achievements and celebrate religious plurality that’s what it’s all about for me,“ Minister of Satan Bender Bones told the outlet.

The displays were created by three local TST chapters, “Lansing’s TST Candidate congregation, TST West Michigan and TST Detroit,” according to the post.

TST also has a display of a Sol Invictus tree, a Roman pagan celebration of the sun god, at the National Railroad Museum in Wisconsin, according to a post.

TST also put up a display of the “Serpent of Genesis” in December 2022 at the Illinois State Capitol building alongside a Christian nativity scene.

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TST is currently raising funds to rebuild its display at the Iowa State Capitol building and has received 77 contributions, according to its donation website. The statue received significant criticism, prompting elected officials, including Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, to put out a statement on the issue.

TST and the Michigan State Capital Commission did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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