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Scandal-Plagued Hunter Biden Threatens To Sue GOP Bad Boy Roger Stone For Defamation

Roger Stone
Roger Stone (File Photo)

It’s hard to believe that a guy accused of fathering a child with a stripper, admitting on video to snorting crack naked, taking bags of cash for seemingly no work while on the board of a quasi-corrupt foreign company, and lying on a permit to obtain a gun illegally, could complain about being defamed.

Yet Hunter Biden is doing just that.

On Sunday, the Floridian, a conservative website, reported that Biden threatened to sue Republican political strategist Roger Stone for comments Stone made on his “Stone Zone” podcast.

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“In a cease and desist letter sent to Stone, and exclusively obtained by The Floridian, Biden’s attorney Abbe David Lowell accuses the legendary political commentator of making ‘disparaging or false statements that would amount to defamation’” of President Joe Biden’s son.

The letter from hunter Biden’s lawyer asserts Stone violated federal and Delaware state laws by “hosting discussions with Garrett Ziegler about unverified personal data that you were told belonged to Mr. Biden and claiming Mr. Biden committed ‘sex crimes.’”

Stone hosted Ziegler, operator of a political website, on his show in December. The Floridian noted they discussed Hunter Biden’s “financial malfeasance, drug use and drug dealing and possibly illegal activity involving the transportation of prostitutes across state lines.”

Biden’s lawyers gave Stone until March 31 to apologize or face legal action.

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Stone, as might be expected, was defiant.

He told The Floridian that the threatening letter was “absurd.” That’s because the claims about Biden are already on the public record.

“Surprisingly, Hunter Biden’s extremely expensive high-powered lawyers have now sent me not only one, but two threatening letters — neither of one makes much sense,” Stone told The Floridian.

“Everything I know about Hunter Biden’s laptop I read in the New York Post or Breitbart News or online at the Marco Polo USA Foundation [Ziegler’s website] which has published all the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Everything I know is in the public domain and from public sources,” Stone added.

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“Hunter Biden is a public figure under New York Times vs Sullivan [U.S. Supreme Court case],” Stone added.

“The laptop contents can be contained (sic) by any American. I will not be threatened into silence.”

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