Science fiction meets reality in the Metaverse

One of the thousands of NFTs Ups Future.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2022 / — The World’s first truly futuristic NFT will be minted. Ups Future NFTs are the representation of crypto enthusiasts and metaverse supporters on the blockchain. Inaugural Collection Launches in the third quarter of 2022. Lifetime benefits on the first-drop will be offered. They are currently found on Twitter as @ups_future

One of the most interesting and exciting stories ever found on the NFT world is now taking place: "Ups are very unique gifted cyborgs as they live in the future of the blockchain and have come to year 2022 to lead the way showing exclusively to their holders what the future of the metaverse will look like. Ever wondered what are the kind of projects that will stick? Or what are the best NFTs that will actually provide use and make our lives better? Well, that's what we'll all learn from the future, from the Ups Future". That is just part of the story that's uncovering one of the project founders, Jose Colmenares, a social media promoter that after being able to raise 12 million followers on Instagram across multiple content accounts, decided to partner with famous Javier Hala Madrid, a Venezuelan influencer that has achieved over 100 million views across all social media channels. Being verified on TikTok, Youtube and Instagram; along with creating unique content daily, has allowed him to build a very engaged community of over 8 million followers from all over the world, specially spanish speaking.

Currently Javier and Jose are focused on getting people to know the project, for that they will be promoting their twitter account for the project @ups_future , reason being that they understand the crypto world is currently very active on this social media platform. This by any means will make them forget about their huge engaged hispanic audience on Instagram, as matter of fact, the entire project is being thought to be developed in both English and Spanish so that language will not be a barrier for their very loyal fans from Latin America and hispanic people around the world.

The robustness of Ups Future is appreciated from multiple angles: Unique desings by team of experts to be announced before the mint day, an actual utility that will allow holders to benefit from the knowledge of blockchain, crypto and Metaverse experts that will be providing exclusive insights to this alpha community that, being led by such large influencers, will be able to manage deals of whitelist exclusivity to the holders of Ups.

Long gone are the days where art alone would captivate and attract investors. Ups Future (@ups_future) will bring true uniqueness by building a bilingual platform that is going to lead the way on determining what the "next big things" will be in the Metaverse.

About the Company:

An online community for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and metaverse believers that will be connected to the 10,00 Ups Future NFTs that will be minted directly on their website and with plenty of information on their social media channels, especially on Twitter. @ups_future.

Jose Colmenares
Ups Future
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