Scott Cooper Miami Florida Project Offers New Scholarship Opportunity

Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship

Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship

Scott J Cooper Flotsam

Scott Josh Cooper Florida Ice Scholarship

Scott Josh Cooper Florida Ice Scholarship

The Scott Cooper Florida Scholarship is unique in the sense that it requires students to write essays that are thought-provoking and controversial.

Are you vaccinated Support your answer with scientific reasoning
Do you agree with NY State’s decision to live the indoor mask mandate
Are you watching the Winter Olympics in China? Why or why not”

— Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship

MIAMI, FL, USA, February 14, 2022 / — The Scott Cooper Florida Miami Scholarship just announced its newest opportunity. Students are required to submit an essay on one of three topics by March 15, 2022, and the winner will be announced on April 1, 2022.

(1) Are you vaccinated? Support your answer with scientific reasoning.
(2) Do you agree with New York State’s decision to lift the indoor mask mandate?
(3) Are you watching the Winter Olympics in China? Why or why not?


CALEB KEILEN – J.R.R. Tolkien – A Relatively Obscure Dead Person – I am currently a freshman here at Oakland Community College. I plan to transfer to Michigan State University to pursue a degree in Supply Chain Management at MSU’s Broad School of Business. I enjoy sports, reading, and spending time with my family and friends. I graduated high school from Mother of Divine Grace School, which is an online distance learning school based in Ojai, California. Because I attended high school online, I am familiar with distance learning like we have been doing here at OCC for about a year now. I am hopeful, just as everyone else is, that everything will be back to normal soon!

EDWARD MICKLOS – Arctic Deposits of Oil and Natural Gas Should Be Exploited to Support the United State’s Interests – I was born and raised in Wisconsin, giving me an affinity for cold, winter weather. However, since I was ten years old, I have been taking care of my mother. She has been afflicted by multiple sclerosis, a disease that has damaged over a quarter of her brain. Despite this, I pushed myself in high school and took a dozen AP tests, earned a welding certification, and served as a teacher's assistant. All of that happened during the school day. At home, I would do my homework, cook meals, clean, and perform other household chores. However, I want to make a difference beyond my home and the local community. I am pursuing my bachelor's degree in Global Security and Intelligence Studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where I intend to graduate a year ahead of my cohort. I am specializing in Eastern Europe and Russia, which includes learning the Russian language. After graduation, I intend to serve my country in the intelligence community, further supporting the United States armed forces and decision-makers with the expertise I am developing in foreign affairs and military capabilities.

AMBER LEA – American BBQ: Delicate? No. Delicious? Yes. – Amber is a Housing Specialist for Los Angeles County providing assistance to vulnerable populations through the section 8 program. She is returning to school at the University of California Irvine to complete her Masters in Business Administration in the fall. Being a former homeless youth, housing has always been close to her heart. Amber hopes to help enact change within government systems to streamline public assistance programs and help end homelessness in her community.

HAILEY MAHONEY – Senator & Former Florida Governor Rick Scott Calls For 2022 Winter Olympics To Be Taken Away From China – My name is Hailey Mohney. I am currently a student attending Lansing Community College and I am transferring to Grand Valley State University in the Fall. When I am not in school I work as a waitress at a local pizzeria. I look forward to expanding my workforce experience!

NICOLE PINARD – Eleanor Roosevelt – Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People – Nikki Pinard was born and raised in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts. She attended UMass Amherst where she got a Bachelors's degree in Sustainable Food and Farming. After she graduated, she moved to China where she became a teacher. Nikki will be attending Mount Holyoke College in the Summer of 2021 to earn her Master’s of Art in Teaching with a concentration in Middle School Science. Nikki hopes to incorporate her skills and knowledge from her farming degree into her middle school science classes.

KATE REYNOLDS – The Power of Our Words – Kate Reynolds was born and raised in New York and is a senior at the Bronx High School of Science. She will attend Yale University in the fall. At Yale, Kate hopes to double-major in Journalism and Political Science or History. She is the Captain of her school's Public Forum Debate team and the Editor-in-Chief for her school newspaper, where she reports on politics and the news. Kate wants to use her journalistic writing to search for the truth about difficult topics, allow for the inclusion of forgotten perspectives, and improve the world.

ANGELINA GONZALEZ – The Racial Injustice In Present Day America – Angelina Gonzalez is from San Antonio, Texas. She is a sophomore at Texas A&M University majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies (4-8 Math and Science). She hopes to be a teacher after she graduates from college. She looks forward to making a positive impact on the younger generations to come.


The Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship is an arm of the Scott Cooper Miami Project. It is a private research organization that provides an investigative reporting platform. It proposes solutions to public policy challenges and focuses on “forgotten communities” throughout the world with the goal of making them safer and more secure, healthier, and more prosperous. By creating awareness through various digital marketing platforms, Scott J. Cooper Miami Florida partners with small organizations, to give them a voice and fight for those that have been unable to deliver their message.

The Scott Cooper Miami Project is nonprofit and nonpartisan and committed to the public interest.

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