Scott Cooper Miami Project Awards Scholarship to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Student

Edward Micklos Scott Cooper Miami

Scott Cooper Miami Project

Scott Cooper Miami Project

Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship

Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship

The Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship is unique in the sense that it requires students to write essays that are thought-provoking and controversial.

We are very pleased to offer this scholarship to Edward. He wrote an impressive essay in support of Arctic exploration.”

— Scott Cooper Miami

MIAMI , FLORIDA, USA, October 3, 2021 / — The Scott Cooper Miami Project is pleased to announce that Edward Micklos of Greenville, Wisconsin is the latest winner of the scholarship. Edward is pursuing his bachelor's degree in Global Security and Intelligence Studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he intends to graduate a year ahead of his classmates.

This scholarship application required each student to submit an essay on one of three topics. Edward chose Topic #3 for his essay.

1. What are your thoughts on NYC mandating proof of COVID vaccination for most indoor activities?
2. A probe into New York Governor Cuomo found that he sexually harassed multiple women. Should he resign?
3. If you were President Biden's political consultant, what would you advise him to do about oil and gas development in the Arctic?

"I am proud to have been chosen as the recipient of the Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship Award. I have spent a long time helping my father care for my sick mother. It has been a responsibility that limited my opportunities through high school and during the pandemic," said Edward Miklos, Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship Winner, "Because I have spent so much time helping my family and pursuing my education, I am immensely grateful to have received this scholarship. I'm looking forward to continuing my degree and finishing a year early (graduated from high school in 2020, expecting college in 2023) with the help offered by this scholarship. However, I was reminded by this scholarship that information and perspectives gained by coursework are invaluable when they are applied outside of the classroom. Once more, thank you Scott Cooper Miami."

Edward's winning essay, "Arctic Deposits of Oil and Natural Gas Should Be Exploited to Support the United State’s Interests" can be read on the Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship website.

"We are very pleased to offer this scholarship to Edward. He wrote an impressive essay in support of Arctic exploration," said Scott Cooper, "I would also like to add that I am very proud to award the scholarship to someone who has sacrificed so much to help care for his family."


The Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship just announced its newest opportunity. Students are required to submit an essay on one of three topics by November 15, 2021, and the winner will be announced on November 30, 2021

(1) If you could meet with any person (living or dead) for an hour, who would it be?
(2) What is your favorite Netflix series and why?
(3) What is your biggest failure and what have you learned from it?


The Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship is an arm of the Scott Cooper Miami Florida Project. It is a private research organization that provides an investigative reporting platform. It proposes solutions to public policy challenges and focuses on “forgotten communities” throughout the world with the goal of making them safer and more secure, healthier, and more prosperous. By creating awareness through various digital marketing platforms, Miami's Scott Cooper Miami Beach partners with small organizations, to give them a voice and fight for those that have been unable to deliver their message.

The Scott Cooper Miami Project is nonprofit and nonpartisan and committed to the public interest.

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