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The Newly Launched Product From JG&JG Marks a Significant Advancement in Head Lice Removal

Love the ability to clean it quickly, very impressed with the concept!”

— Katie Shepherd Founder and CEO of Shepherd Institute

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, USA, November 13, 2022 / — The grooming products manufacturer JG&JG has developed the Fast ‘n Clean Lice Comb — a revolutionary cleaning comb that eliminates head lice more rapidly and thoroughly than any product on the market. The comb’s patented “Press ‘n Release” system allows parents, guardians, school nurses, and caregivers to significantly reduce the time required to remove lice and nits (eggs).

Traditional lice combs, while effective for trapping lice matter, require time-consuming cleaning protocols between each swipe to fully remove all the particles and avoid recontaminating children during the course of the removal treatment. Fast ‘n Clean set out to create a faster, more meticulous solution.
Jonathan Goldin, the CEO of JG&JG, was combing through his daughter’s lice-stricken hair when his brother remarked, “Do you realize that you are spending more time cleaning the lice comb than combing?” This began the multi-year process of creating and perfecting a comb with interlocking teeth that open with a press of the handle to effortlessly release captured lice matter within a bowl of water.

With traditional lice combs, up to 80% of the treatment time consists of cleaning the comb between swipes. Now, parents can clean the comb in seconds to accelerate the entire treatment process — and avoid touching the blood-filled insects in the process. The Fast ‘n Clean comb is built with laser-welded stainless steel pins. Each pin is rounded at the tip so as not to prick the scalp. Fast ‘n Clean works for lice, nits, fleas, and ticks and can be used in place of potentially harmful chemical treatments. The comb also provides an excellent option for removing dandruff, sand, dirt, and other debris from the hair.

Lice happen to be the oldest parasite known to affect humans. Now, as most COVID isolation has ended and classroom life has resumed, schools around the world have noted a post-pandemic resurgence. Much to the frustration of parents and teachers, a new variety of “super lice” emerged in 2016 — one that resists the standard chemical treatments. In the face of these mutated lice, parents are questioning the safety and efficacy of resorting to new and untried chemical formulas.

A head lice diagnosis can be stressful for kids and parents alike. Children never want to be stigmatized or ostracized by their peers, and they tend to get exceedingly antsy and impatient when faced with a long, drawn-out lice removal treatment that uses a traditional comb. Similarly, parents would rather not spend their precious free time struggling to make their children endure what can sometimes be an hours-long treatment. However, an innovation like Fast ‘n Clean allows parents to administer treatment in minimal time without applying dubious or untested chemicals to their child’s hair.

Katie Shepherd is the founder and CEO of Shepherd Institute, the Lice Solutions Resource Network, and is one of the world’s top authorities on head lice. She states, “When it comes to treating head lice, it’s hard to find both an effective and usable tool. The Fast n’ Clean Lice Comb checks both boxes. Love, love, love the ability to clean it quickly, very impressed with the concept!”

Below are instructions with visuals for how to use the Fast ‘n Clean Lice Comb. To learn more about the Fast n’ Clean Lice Comb from JG&JG, visit or place an order on Amazon.

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