U.S. Sen. Rick Scott took on the pro-abortion activists clamoring about the seemingly pending doom of Roe v. Wade. Scott appeared to take a page from the book of the “What is a woman?” activists challenging gender ideology.

Sen. Rick Scott Wants Top Biden Officials To Explain How America Is Safer By Not Building The Wall

President Joe Biden last week announced that he was halting the use of Defense Department funding to build the wall along the southern border, as the Trump administration had started.

In a statement on Friday, Pentagon spokesman Jamal Brown said that the move “reflects this administration’s continued commitment to defending our nation and supporting our service members and their families.”

It’s certainly arguable whether securing the border is a function of national defense, as Biden’s invite-the-world policy had hundreds of thousands of people streaming across the border into America.

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott wants to know to answer to what many Americans see as the central issue: How does stopping construction, without an alternative, keep us safe?  

In his own statement, made on Friday after Biden killed the funding for the wall, the Florida Republican said, “The crisis on our southern border, caused by President Biden’s failed policies of open borders and amnesty, is raging out of control and demands action. But, once again, President Biden is ignoring reality and caving to the radical left by canceling construction contracts to finish the border wall.”

“Let’s remember, in March, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended more than 170,000 illegal aliens trying to cross our border – the highest monthly total in nearly 15 years.,” Scott continued. “This foolish decision will only exacerbate the crisis on our border and put more Americans and law enforcement officers in danger.” 

“I visited the border in Arizona last month and talked with our brave CBP agents. They all said that stopping border wall construction would be disastrous,” he concluded.

“How can Biden possibly justify stopping wall construction? Secretary Austin and Secretary Mayorkas must immediately explain President Biden’s ridiculous order, how it is compliant with federal law, and the awful consequences it will have on the current crisis.”

According to The Hill, the administration will divert the funding toward projects like repairing a dam network in the Rio Grande Valley that officials claim was damaged by border wall construction and addressing soil erosion along a 14-mile barrier in San Diego.

Meanwhile, The Hill added, a report from the Government Accountability Office is expected this week and will discuss claims by GOP lawmakers that Biden’s decision is illegal since Congress appropriated the funding for the wall.

Democrats, less than two years ago, used former President Donald Trump’s decision to pause funding targeted for Ukraine as ground for impeachment, The Hill noted.

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  1. our President is a complete idiot! He is not fit to run this country as president, furthermore, Kamala Harris is not mentally equipped to take charge in the interim of Bidens
    Dementia. what a total mess this country is in!
    Susan Hermann, Florida Democrat.

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