Sensatek transitions from R&D to global manufacturer

Photos and captions Central Florida – based R&D company Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc. is transiti ng from R&D to a global m anufacturer.

Close up image of Sensatek’s passive RF temperature sensors on the blade of a gas turbine engine

Company launches RF sensing technology system to provide real-time data

DAYTONA BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2021 / — Central Florida-based R&D company Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc. is moving beyond the incubator and into global manufacturing.

Sensatek has developed a radio frequency sensing technology system that provides actionable intelligence with real-time data to help businesses make informed decisions about their engines. The company’s first shipment is going to Tokyo, with other buyers lined up across Europe and Asia.

The RF sensing technology system offers a number of benefits to companies in the energy, marine, aviation, aerospace and other industries:
• Real-time, accurate insight into what’s operationally and environmentally occurring inside rotating equipment residing in harsh environments, providing intel on what materials can endure
• Support in forming and verifying new designs quicker and cheaper, thanks to real-time data
• Condition-based monitoring capabilities, which allows long-term tests to be conducted for tens of thousands of hours to gauge the performance of the materials or pieces within engines
• Ability to function within a high magnetic field environment

“Our team has been researching, developing and testing our products for quite some time now and have been met with incredible results,” said Reamonn Soto, founder and CEO of Sensatek. “We’re ready to introduce our system to businesses across the globe. It provides quicker, more accurate data on engines, which will increase efficiency and reliability.”

The RF sensing technology system includes Sensatek’s proprietary RF temperature sensors, antenna, cable, electronics, software and graphical user interface.

The system sends an RF signal down a high temperature cable to the Sensatek antenna. The antenna excites the passive sensor, which re-radiates back to the antenna. This sensor signal is read by the Sensatek electronics to infer temperature or strain, all in as little as 50 microseconds. The software, which runs on the electronics, is then used to collect the data which provides you with actionable intelligence. The data can be made available in multiple formats such as the cloud or local computing. The graphical interface allows the user to analyze and trend the data for visualization.

Sensatek can customize nearly every element of its RF sensing technology system to fit a company’s needs. The company prioritizes speed along with quality – its custom system solution takes up to 2 weeks to implement, while its pre-designed option can often be implemented in the next business day.

To date, Sensatek has seen great success and interest in its technology with:

• Gas turbines
• Aero turbines — jet engines and other types of propulsion and APUs
• Wind turbines
• Aero derived engines
• Experimental engines
• Rotary engines
• Generators attached to power generating engines
• Rotating equipment that has magnetic bearings
• Gasoline engine reciprocating pistons
• Earth-moving equipment pistons.

If you’re interested in purchasing Sensatek’s RF sensing technology system, call 850.321.5993 or email
To learn more about Sensatek, visit

About Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc.
Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc. is a Venture Capital backed Delaware C-Corporation headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida. Founded in 2015, Sensatek develops and manufactures passive RF sensing technology systems for rotating temperature measurements of harsh environments for clients in a variety of industries including semiconductor, energy, aviation and aerospace. The company is funded by the National Science Foundation and its sensors have been demonstrated by leading OEMs. To learn more about Sensatek’s revolutionary technology, visit

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