‘Shake and Squeeze’ the 2-Month Old, Tampa Man Arrested for Fracturing Baby’s Bones

August 19, 2020

By: Staff Report

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. – On 08-03-20, while bathing the two-month-old victim, the victim’s mother her baby crying uncontrollably after moving the baby’s arm while bathing. The mother contacted the victim’s pediatrician, who in turn ordered x-rays. The x-rays revealed multiple fractures on the infant victim’s body.

The victim was transferred to UF Health Shands Hospital where a skeletal survey was conducted. The skeletal survey revealed multiple fractures, to include: corner fractures of the left upper arm, fractures to both upper legs near the knees, and a fracture of the left lower leg near the knee.

As per physicians, said injuries are consistent with high velocity shaking, forceful jerking, and/or twisting of an extremity. Injuries such as these are commonly found in infants who have been severely shaken.

The victim also suffered a rib fracture (reflective of being squeezed) and a compression fracture of the left forearm.

The skeletal survey also noted some of the injuries were in different stages of healing.

Investigation revealed Justin Michael Gluck made statements that he had been angry and frustrated on several occasions and abruptly grabbed the (infant) victim from the play pen.

Justin Michael Gluck SOURCE: HCSO

After learning Gluck was staying Tampa, Detective Johnson, along with Hillsborough County deputies, responded to Gluck’s motel in Hillsborough County.

In a recorded interview, Gluck described how on multiple occasions spanning the months of June and July (when he was in the presence of the infant victim) the victim would “cry constantly” and out of frustration, he would shake and squeeze the victim in an attempt to stop the crying. Gluck also stated that he abruptly lifted the victim out of the crib by the left arm on several occasions, and while changing the victim’s diaper, he would force the victim’s bent legs and arms into a straight position in order to get clothes on the victim.

Gluck stated that when the victim’s bones were breaking, he could hear “a popping noise” very similar to the sound heard when an adult cracks their knuckles.

At the conclusion of the interview, Justin Michael Gluck W/M DOB/07-19-1995, was placed under arrest by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies and transported to the Hillsborough County Detention Center. Gluck will be transported to the Hernando County Detention Center in the next few days.

The infant victim is recovering from injuries.

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