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Double Shooting At Chicago White Sox Game From Gun Smuggled Into Stadium In ‘Belly Fat’

The obesity crisis gripping America may have created another health risk besides heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
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The obesity crisis gripping America may have created another health risk besides heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Gunshot wounds.

According to the Daily Mail on Tuesday, the shooting that occurred during a Chicago White Sox home game last week, which wounded two women, reportedly happened after one of the women snuck the weapon past security by hiding it in her belly fat.

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The women, 42 and 26, were shot and slightly wounded during the fourth inning as the Sox squared off against the Oakland A’s on Friday night.

Police confirmed the shootings occurred, but announced there was no “active threat.” Cops also declined to initially identify where the bullets came from, yet did say eventually that they did not believe the shots were fired from outside the stadium. Shootings are rampant in the Windy City.

But as first reported by ESPN Chicago host Peggy Kusinski on Tuesday, the shots came after one woman accidentally fired the gun inside Guaranteed Rate Field.

“She reportedly snuck the gun in past metal detectors hiding it in the folds of her belly fat,” Kusinski reported on X, the social media platform once known as Twitter.

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Both women suffered minor wounds.

The ball game continued, and the White Sox lost 12-4.

The conservative website Revolver News reported on Tuesday that “(r)eports indicate that security failed to detect the weapon with hand-held metal detectors and couldn’t conduct a thorough search due to privacy concerns.”

“It’s unsettling to consider that some obese person could smuggle a weapon into a crowded venue. This situation is yet another reason to stop with the ‘fat is beautiful’ narrative,” the website continued.

On X, Revolver News added, “Coming soon to American airports and stadiums: Fat Roll Inspectors…”

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