George Cacioppo, a senior vice president at Sony Interactive Entertainment according to his LinkedIn profile, allegedly invited over a 15-year-old boy to his home, according to a video uploaded to the People vs. Preds YouTube channel.

Sony Executive Reportedly Caught In Amateur Pedophile Sting Video

Ailan Evans

A senior Sony executive was fired after he was reportedly captured on video by an amateur pedophilia sting operation.

George Cacioppo, a senior vice president at Sony Interactive Entertainment according to his LinkedIn profile, allegedly invited over a 15-year-old boy to his home, according to a video uploaded to the People vs. Preds YouTube channel.

The video shows a cameraman walking towards Cacioppo, who appears to be standing outside of a house, and asking him who he planned to meet, referring to Cacioppo as “Jeff.”

“I can call the cops or we can have a conversation,” the cameraman asks.

Cacioppo ignores the questions and walks back into his house, at which point the cameraman tells him, “I’ve got your face on video you fucking scumbag.”

Cacioppo then closes the door, prompting the cameraman to begin shouting loudly.

“Excuse me everybody, this guy invited a 15-year-old boy to have sex with him tonight,” the cameraman can be heard.

Warning: The video below contains adult language and content.

Cacioppo was reportedly fired from Sony following the release of the video. 

“We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment,” Sony said in a statement to Cnet. Neither Sony nor Cacioppo responded to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for additional comment.

According to a Google Drive link posted in the video’s description, an individual People vs. Preds alleges to be Cacioppo, using the alias “Jeff,” engaged in a conversation with another user, a decoy account set up by People vs. Preds designed to appear as a 15-year-old boy.

The individual alleged to be Cacioppo sends several sexually explicit messages to the other user before they arrange to meet one another outside the individual alleged to be Cacioppo’s home.

Minors are not permitted on Grindr, according to Grindr’s community guidelines, and “any violation or suspected violation will result in a ban.” The policy extends to communication between users, so that “if a user communicates with another user that they believe to be under 18, that is also a violation of our age policy.”

However, the app was the subject of a 2019 investigation by The Times which found underage users were able to bypass Grindr’s age verification controls, with many being sexually exploited as a result.

More than 100 men in the U.S. have have been charged with crimes related to sexual activity with minors they met on Grindr, according to a July investigation by GHB News.

“It creates an easy place for sexual predators to look for these kids,” Jack Turban, a fellow in child and adolescent psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine, told GBH News. “Grindr is also at fault for knowing that this is happening and not doing anything about it.”

Grindr did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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10 Replies to “Sony Executive Reportedly Caught In Amateur Pedophile Sting Video”

  1. This is really terrible. It reminds me of when my former attorney allowed an adult man to sexually molest my 13 year old boys in order to extort $80,000 worth of gold coins. Said attorney didn’t care that the other kids were also showing signs of being sexually abused, one as young as two. These types are selfish and sadistic people. If the molestation wasn’t enough, the attorney had me hacked, stalked, and even poisoned for complaining. All of my organs are now damaged, testilces atrophied, and the shape of my face has changed.

    I have posted all the details here, in case anyone is interested.

    Please read this and pray for my children. Maybe if enough people ask God to help, he will listen.

  2. At least they caught this guy.

    Imagine if someone reported the sexual abuse, then the person responsible has you arrested without a crime. Imagine that this was not done to for a prosecution, but rather to get proceedings to competency hearings and have the complainant declared mentally incompetent to stand trial.

    Now imagine that the kids are not only being sexually abused, but the perpetrator adds in an additional child.

    These are not scenes from a horror movie. This is what my former attorney, Valerie Houghton, has done to me and my children.

    Read about it here:

  3. Valerie Houghton has completely destroyed my life. All I wanted to do was protect my children.

    When I complained Ms. Houghton sex trafficked my kids, she had me hacked, stalked, and physically assaulted. She is not only an attorney and therapist, but also a registered nurse who used to specialize in medical malpractice.

    I have been poisoned so many times that all of my organs are now damaged, testicles atrophied and the shape of my face has changed. Valerie is cruel, callous, and sadistic.

    Now she has also included my daughter (whom I share with another person) into her sex trafficking scheme.

    If you are working with her, use EXTREME caution. You can read more here:

  4. Destruction is the name of her game. Your money, career, children, health, and freedom are all at risk of being destroyed if you don’t go along with Valerie Houghton’s demands.

    Forget about pleadings, legal research and oral arguments. Valerie works outside of the courtroom to bring you to your knees. The courtroom is only for signing at the dotted line.

    There will always be misery involved. Things like children getting raped is nothing but a funny “prank” to her. She demanded that the rapes continue. Then she destroyed my liver, kidneys, pancreas and testicles when I tried to protect them.

    You won’t find a worse human being.

  5. Valerie jokes, “It’s not rape if they want it.”

    Those professional licenses are all part of the ruse. Who would ever think that a licensed therapist and nurse would force children to be sexually abused, then physically assault parents who object?

  6. Ms. Houghton lacks a conscience, as well as common sense. She’s included my youngest daughter (whom I share with another mother) into the sex trafficking scheme. Valerie thinks that by doing that it will absolve her from what she did to the first four.

    I put all the details here:

  7. Valerie just doesn’t see anything wrong with the sexual abuse of children. She is violently in favor of it. This is something that she should voluntarily disclose to her clients.

  8. My theory is that someone violently raped her as a child. She was threatened not to tell anyone and the abuse continued.

    That’s why it is so ‘normal’ for her.

    She can’t hear it when I call her a dirty old pedo. It’s like calling someone else a dirty heterosexual.

  9. How can Valerie Houghton even give out parental advice? She claims to be a Lawyer/Mediator/Family Therapist/Public Health Nurse/Wife/Mother.

    How can she even claim to be a good mother when she forces other people’s children to have sexual relations with adults?

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