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Soros-Backed DA Facing Recall Says Her Role ‘Has Really No Impact On Crime’

The Alameda County District Attorney (DA) said that the DA’s role has little to do with crime in response to critics Sunday.
by Brandon Poulter, DCNF, Source: TFP File Photo

The Alameda County District Attorney (DA) said that the DA’s role has little to do with crime in response to critics Sunday.

Pamela Price, recently elected as Oakland, California’s Alameda County DA, hit back against critics and a recall effort in a recently aired interview, redirecting focus elsewhere and saying she understood the victims of crimes in the county, according to CBS News Bay Area.

Price campaigned on progressive criminal justice reforms, including not charging juveniles as adults, alternatives to jailing and holding police accountable, which are now coming under fire.

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“Family members of victims are saying that the decisions you have made are unfair to them, that sentences that criminals have been given are excessively lenient, and that perpetrators are favored over victims. What’s your response to that?”

“My heart goes out to the people who have lost loved ones in this community,” Price responded.

“The DA’s role has really no impact on crime,” Price said later.

The paperwork to launch a recall was filed last Monday by a group named “Save Alameda for Everyone,” which Price says is run by Republican Party special interest groups, according to CBS News Bay Area.

Halfway into the 15-minute interview, Price’s public relations officer, Patti Lee, interrupted and questioned why Yu had not asked about Pamela’s accomplishments. Yu then asks what metrics that the DA’s office has been using to measure their success.

“We’re beginning to create a baseline for the data that we have. Unfortunately, we got here, and the technology is pretty much outdated,” Price responded.

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Soros-backed prosecutors have come under fire recently, with multiple cities experiencing crime waves after electing them. Billionaire George Soros’ California Justice and Public Safety Political Action Committee gave the Price campaign nearly $700,000.

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