Soros-Backed DA’s Increasingly Under Fire For Soft-On-Crime Policies

Liberals, despite their rhetoric, have no problem loving the rich – as long as they agree with their ideas and fund their causes.

Which is why billionaire George Soros is a progressive favorite.

And Soros has made it his mission to disrupt as much of American life as possible with his favored Social Justice Warrior advocacy.

But in one area, as crime spirals up, the anti-Soros blowback may be coming.

The Washington Times reported on Saturday that Philadelphians weary of the criminal justice system run amok are trying to oust District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Krasner is one of several locally elected prosecutors backed by Soros who have sought to handcuff police and go easy on criminals.

The conservative Daily Signal reported in October that Soros had pumped about $17 million into these races in recent years. Krasner received about 10 percent of that in winning his election in 2017.

But since then, crime has rocketed up. The Times noted that the 499 murders in Philly last year were the most in three decades, and the 2,240  reported shootings were an all-time high. The city’s murder rate as of Thursday is ahead of last year’s pace.

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Last fall, the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, a Virginia-based nonprofit opposed to the Soros set, released a report that noted since Krasner took office, shootings were up 18 percent, and violent crime overall had climbed 5 percent.

Compared to his predecessor, Krasner recorded a 27 percent drop in felony convictions, and a 26 percent increase in the number of felony cases dropped, lost, or diverted to a more lenient outcome, the report says.

The trend line is the same in five other cities with Soros-backed prosecutors that the group reviewed: Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, St. Louis, and San Antonio.

One of Soros’ projects was Aramis Ayala in Orlando, who announced she would not prosecute any death penalty cases, even though a law enforcement officer was killed by a career criminal who had murdered his pregnant girlfriend, and another cop died in a car wreck during his pursuit. 

Yet Krasner is so bad that, according to the Times, the Philadelphia Democratic Party, which represents 806,000 voters in Philly, compared to 117,000 Republicans, declined to endorse him, even though he is a Democrat.

Now, the Times reports, a group of current and former law enforcement officials have formed a political action committee to go after Krasner.

The Times reported that one part of the group’s pitch is that under Krasner, “Black and brown communities have suffered the most.” Only 45 percent of the city’s residents are white.

A former assistant prosecutor who spent 35 years with the Philly DA’s office, Carlos Vega, is Krasner’s opponent in next month’s primary. Krasner, who had no experience as a prosecutor before he got elected, fired Vega shortly after he took over, a signature move by the people Soros backs. 

Meanwhile, the anti-Soros forces also are gathering in Los Angeles for a recall of District Attorney George Gascón, who was just elected last year.

In LA, the Times reported, Gascón has implemented new policies that prohibited bringing death-penalty cases, mandated that his prosecutors bypass sentencing “enhancements” and aggravating circumstances, and ended cash bail for defendants.

In one example, Gascón refused to try a murder suspect just two weeks shy of turning 18 as an adult, and he ended up getting just six years in prison.

According to LA Magazine, Gascón blocked his prosecutors from seeking stiffer penalties for cases involving gang members and crooks who used guns. Just three months into his term, the city councils in Beverly Hills and Santa Clarita have issued votes of “no confidence” in Gascón.

Money can buy a lot of things, apparently including prosecutors. But it seems people who went with Soros’ candidates are rethinking the decision after being mugged by reality – literally. 

And in another hotbed of left-wing lunacy, San Francisco, another Soros project, District Attorney Chesa Boudin, is also facing a recall effort after being elected in November 2019.

Murders were up 17 percent last year. Boudin’s defenders note that the total number of homicides is lower than when he took office. Still, that was a 17-percent increase in a city with arguably the strictest virus-lockdown policies in the nation. 

“Our city’s criminal justice system has instead been virtually suspended. Criminals are emboldened due to lack of accountability; those perpetrators arrested are simply let go, commit more crimes, and unfortunately, many are deadly,” the petition says. “Our beloved city has seen an astronomical increase in violent crime, home invasions, shops looted, car-jackings, rampant and unchecked drug dealing and business property theft, even under Covid-19 restrictions. Every resident and every visitor to San Francisco is a potential target. Our homes, our property, and our lives are at risk.”

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